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Geo Cities Has Launched Their New Geo Domain Name Centre - PR Web (pres

Discussion in 'Domain Name News' started by Acorn Newsbot, Jan 29, 2009.

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    This is a feel good post from one of the RSS posts. It was hidden away at the bottom of the article. Gives us all hope with GEO related domains.

    added - And it's sooooo annoying when you see Geo's just parked!! London York Leeds Devon Manchester and i can go on and on but wont..............

    Geo Domain Development Successes Michael Castello

    1. Even though they are among the most expensive domains to acquire, Geodomains are still underrated. They are easy to develop (simply build categories for hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc), receive tons of direct navigation and getting advertisers is a cinch.
    I, singlehandedly, pulled in $500,000.00 in local advertising for in 1999. And it’s easier now because people know the site. We have not solicited a hotel advertiser (#1 source of revenue) since December 1999. They call us now.
    We bought for six figures in the summer of 2003. In 90 days we doubled our money. Blog by David Castello of CastelloCities Internet Network (CCIN)
    Have forgotten the date or source but here’s another one from his brother Michael.

    1. There are so many positives to a Geodomain. It has been great ride for over 10 years for us. Here are a few up and downs that come to mind.


    1) Many verticals (hotels, classifieds, real estate, jobs, the arts, dining, attractions, excursions, the list goes on and on)
    2) A captive audience (ready made)
    3) Global Reach (already visually branded)
    4) Location, Location, Location (citizens will know you which equates to “political leverage”)
    5) Takes very little money to develop
    6) Future Technology will allow for virtual property to be sold much like Second Life. (there is a lot of money in those hills)
    7) was offered 4 million dollars 6 years ago. (that’s a lot of golf!)
    There are many other geo owners that are team players and will help you. (not a lot of other domain niches that do this)
    9) The local newspaper will hate you


    1) Could be seasonal traffic (some seasons slow)
    2) Takes a lot of time to create (could be an upside if you really love the place)
    3) Some local businesses at first will treat you like the plague
    4) The Local Newspaper will hate you 2008/04/08
    Michael Castello
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    No please don't, thanks ;)
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