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Geo / Service Lead Generation software

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by ribble-valley, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I've just completed developing the first beta release of my lead generation website. It's a CMS install with a clever twist. I'm really excited about the number of leads it will generate in my niche and I'm sure the bank manager will be too!

    I'm offering others the opportunity to purchase a licence/install at a discounted price before I start marketing it as a completed product.

    As this is lead generation and niche, I can't show you a demo because it's in my niche, plus the software gets personlised to your requirements. However...I can enter discussion via PM and provide some examples to demonstrate the opportunity.

    Here's a quick rundown of what this fantastic software does;
    1. Creates 100s or 1000s of dynamic landing pages based upon location, i.e. OL16, Oldham, Lancashire
    2. Provides a custom form for the visitor landing page so they can place an enquiry. Grab whatever information you can, the site is customised around your needs.
    3. Dynamically insert other information to the landing page from rss feeds based on that location or even a bank of pre-created paragraphs/phrases to help with search engine rankings.
    4. Leads can be held for review or sent immediately to the lead buyer with that particular postcode area, or location so it can be acted upon and sale converted.
    5. Meta tags are created automatically.
    6. An example of landing page use could be

    All in all quite a powerful piece of kit, can be applied to so many niches. I'm offering this at half price for the first 10 installs. Turnaround is 21 days from receipt of your promotional material and instructions, a deposit will be required and in the highly unlikely event you're not happy, there's a 100% money back guarantee.

    Prices include installation and professionally designed theme based around your promotional material plus 12 months support. Further customisation and development can be facilitated at an agreed rate.

    £995 regular price per domain, £495 for first 10 installs. :shock:

    Please enquire by PM
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