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Good Exact Term Count?

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by armengrecotech, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. armengrecotech

    armengrecotech Member

    Sep 2009
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    What do you fellows consider good Google AdWords exact result counts?
    Would 60,000 exact searches count for some value? It's a dictionary term I'm looking to possibly register.

    Plus I find it hard to find good valuable domains in the industry and I'm having a hard time finding some big winners.
    Could someone help lead me in a good direction of where to find such domains? I'm new to the market. :cool:

  2. Domain Forum

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  3. retired_member13

    retired_member13 Banned

    Jul 2009
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    When looking at exact match figures make sure it is set to UK! 60,000 would be very good for UK exact matches on a one or two word domain. Beware that the figures are not always accurate though eg: is free to register and the exact phrase [premium bonds have i won] is showing 40,500 exact matches. I wouldn't rate it as a domain though.

    The best way to get valuable dictionary word domains is to look them up on Whois and get in touch with the owner to make an offer.

    People have been registering UK domains for 15 or more years - so most of the best ones have been taken. Finding the ones that are free is just a question of legwork.

  4. stevebrowne

    stevebrowne Active Member

    May 2007
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    remember that if you are going to develop, you can make money on things with exacts in the low hundreds as you will get loads more broad and phrase matches.
  5. miked

    miked Active Member

    Oct 2005
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    This is a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question. A good number for exact searches is one you can turn into a website that successfully makes money (or whatever else your desired final outcome is). It might be that you can build something profitable on only two or three hundred exacts, especially if there are high bids for relevant keywords and some good related long-tail keywords.

    Of course the more exacts the better, but any domain bought with an eye to exacts still has to be converted into a functional site that makes a profit (or whatever), no matter how high the figure. Surprising how many people buy and don't develop (myself included... never enough time!). Doesn't matter how many exacts a search term has if there's no site to exploit them.

    Also, it's down to perception. There are some domainers that wouldn't consider anything less than a few thousand for exacts as worth buying: would love to be in their position, but I'm a bit less lofty in my ambitions!

    Exacts are only a guide: think about what type of site you could make out of a domain, what you could get as an end result and how easily this could be achieved. If you use 'exacts' as an element in this process, and not just as an isolated snapshot, then you'll probably have a better approximation of potential.

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