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Google has indexed me, what next?

Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by monaghan, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. monaghan United Kingdom

    monaghan Moderator Staff Member

    May 2007
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    I have a new site, just under a week old and it has hit on page 1 for my initial keywords.

    The google webmaster tools suggest it has 4 out of the 7 pages in the index, at what frequency would you suggest I add further content. I probably have another 5-10 pages of related content I've planned and could probably add a similar amount of other content if I put my mind to it.

    I don't want to run up too much content too quickly and look like a spam site.

    Any suggestions?
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  3. Blossom

    Blossom Well-Known Member

    Oct 2010
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    You aren't going to look like a spam site if you submit a lot of content - unless it's rubbish/stolen/scraped content.

    I think it would be hard for one person to upload enough self-written, unique content for Google to consider the website spammy.

    The main issues with having lots of content are:

    - ensuring a good strategy and attention to detail with internal linking
    - making sure google prioritises the pages you want prioritised
    - updating pages regularly so they don't become stale.

    At the moment, Google is more than likely looking for new content for your site. You want it to be visited and updated frequently during the early days, so it's best to put up lots of pages if you can and make sure you link to them from the pages which are already indexed.
  4. Edwin

    Edwin Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Apr 2005
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    If it's a "regular site" then it's common for it to be uploaded in one go by the web design company so I don't think you'd have any problems putting all the content up at once, assuming it's good quality and custom-written for the site.
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