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Governance consultation event

Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by Whois-Search, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Anyone going to Governance consultation event on the 16th October?

    Need to register by Monday and only open to members (I think).

    The main issues from consultation 2 seem to be:

    1. Why does Nominet want to 'gag' proxies? A proxy is a "corporate representative"? What about section 324 "Rights to appoint proxies" of the Companies Act 2006?

    Nominet says: "To clarify that proxies should be present to represent an absent member's votes, but should not speak at a meeting without the permission of the Chairman".

    2. Why does the board want the power to expel a member? Which members would Nominet do this to large or small? How does this fit in with the Companies Act, Office of Fair Trading, Human Rights Act article 11?

    Nominet says: "We propose that the Board is given the power to expel a member if they are found to breach the membership rules, either for a single serious breach or for repeated less serious breaches".
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    Any chance of a webcast for those of us south of the equator?

    Also, isn't Nominet's governance something that all stakeholders have an interest and a say in? So could someone please clarify whether this event is for members only - and if so, why?
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