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Goy .NET - Pronounceable LLL - person's name/real word!!

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by gingeman, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Apr 2006
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    GOY .NET has been deemed worthy of the premium auctions @ SEDO, with a very modest reserve considering the potential of this name.
    The auction can be found here:-
    Auction Detail

    The domain was registered in 1999, so it is 7 and a half years old!!! How many of those do you see come up for sale??

    The word GOY is a yiddish word, its wikipedia entry is here:-
    Goy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    and there are many results showing in google for it:-
    Results 1 - 10 of about 1,960,000 for goy [definition]. (0.07 seconds)

    It is also a surname:
    Malcolm Goy - Freelance Photographer based in North West England.
    Luba Goy

    This domain therefore transcends typical LLL.NETS as it is also a popular word as well as having a number of potential end users.
    Many people have expressed interest in this name since I bought it around a week ago, and several $xxxx offers have been received. Now is the chance to own this fantasic name- don't miss out on this true premium!
    Thanks for looking!
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