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Discussion in 'Domain Name Registrars' started by cm1975, Nov 6, 2013.

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  1. cm1975 United Kingdom

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    I know it's been mentioned on here before that if someone has a domain reference associated with a domain on Heart Internet, then after it drops you cannot register that domain with Heart or if you have registered with another Registrar you cannot transfer to Heart until that reference has been deleted.

    Well I'm not always that quick to tidy up all the expired domains in my account, so there are some redundant domain references floating around. I've just received a request from Heart's support to ask me to delete a reference, as someone has raised a ticket. The domain hasn't been registered, so I'm assuming this is someone looking to register it.

    I let it drop as it had no real value to me, but there's nothing to stop me now registering it with another Registrar ..... and I can even still register it with Heart.
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