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Hello everyone - this is ANY-Web

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ANY-Web, Dec 4, 2005.

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  1. ANY-Web Germany

    ANY-Web Member Exclusive Member

    Dec 2005
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    I was both flattered and shocked to come to this forum and see that there were 3 pages posted about my company, ANY-Web Ltd.

    Most of the information posted is correct, although there were some wild assumptions and statements. :)

    Let me introduce myself:
    My name is Angie Barrow. I set up ANY-Web Ltd. (then Webhound Ltd.)
    in 1999 and am famous/infamous for having registered the .CO.UK
    domain names of 15,000 villages across the UK.
    At the time it caused quite a bit of a stir (interviews on BBC, ITV
    and Sky) and there were some unflattering things being said.
    My favourite to this day is being called "Cyber-Laird" (the Scots
    did not like our registration of and - being Swiss I had no idea what was so
    special about these places).

    All these domain names are needed for our community website project and our email service, which uses
    the 15,000 village domain names for memorable email addresses.
    We have over 4000 users dating from the time when this service
    was free. After repeated abuse by spammers we decided to charge
    for email addresses in the future.
    The websites are currently being given a much-
    needed facelift and will be properly launched in February.
    Watch this space!

    Someone mentioned that it looked as though the project had been
    abandoned a while ago. This is correct.
    In 2001 our younger son (now 7) was diagnosed as having autism.
    It completely stopped me in my tracks, and I have spent the ensuing
    years trying to get James better. All I did was renew the names
    and do basic programming on the websites.
    In April this year I separated from my husband and had to decide
    whether to abandon ANY-Web or whole-heartedly pursue it.
    It is only now that I can totally focus on my project again that
    I have rediscovered the fire and passion for community websites
    that made me commit to my village domain names in the first place.
    As my business partner put it so aptly:
    "It used to be a hobby. It is now a business."

    Yes, the names are being renewed. Most of them :)
    (If anybody is interested in a bundle of 1000 hyphenated, long,
    unpronounceable Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish geographical
    domain names please contact me ...)

    My worst domains? So many!
    How about "" or ""?

    My best domains? Must be "" or ""
    Oh, and I hope that one day "" will be worth a bob
    or two...
    Do have a look at our domain name portfolio at

    Sorry about this long post. I NEVER post on forums.
    But I thought it was best to clear up the speculation on this particular
    forum, as I like the posts and intend to take part in it.

    Best wishes
  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. bb99 United Kingdom

    bb99 Well-Known Member

    Mar 2005
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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for setting the record straight :)
  4. SF

    SF Well-Known Member

    Jun 2005
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    Welcome Angie
  5. admin Spain

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Jun 2004
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    Thanks Angie, your post is most welcomed.

    Please post more if our members can help you with your domain sales or website ideas and promotion.

  6. SecNam

    SecNam Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 2004
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    hi and thank you for joining us...

    Lets hope your stay can be a good one....
  7. retired_member27

    retired_member27 Retired Member

    Mar 2005
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    Welcome Angie,

    Nice to hear that you are still around and not given up on the domain game, although you've probably made a few resellers here shed a tear or two for re-regging all your suspended domains. However, I have noticed that you've put a lot of your village domains up for sale on Sedo, surely you still need these for your project!

    Your community website project is a good idea but it always lacked local user input and content, does your company do the local content itself or is it done by the villages themselves?

    Just an observation of your any-village webpage for any particular village is that the first thing that strikes me is the million and one links to other webpages that you've got, and all the sponsered ads that don't relate to that village, to the average user this makes the webpage look very confused and busy.

    As a potential user, what I think would be better is the following:

    (1) The village homepage should be simple and look as clean as possible with the obvious links (maps, places of interest, events, newsletter, history, village crime, etc), either as a menu bar at the top or clickable images. I would have at least on the homepage a random village picture, todays weather (this can be a rss feed), todays events, and possible a live webcam (I live in Australia but whenever I get homesick, I check out my village's webcam, which shows the village green, and I always feel OK again).
    (2) All advertising should be for local shops or services. I don't want to be presented with an advert for a Dell computer or eBay.
    (3) All the millions of links for the Any-Web services should be under the one link, ie "Any-Web Links", which then would take you to the Any-Web homepage which would hold all your links on the one page.
    (4) Ideally, I would like to see the webpage under the "" domain rather than "", although this is very difficult for 15,000 domains.

    I hope that helps. Best of luck for the future.
  8. ANY-Web Germany

    ANY-Web Member Exclusive Member

    Dec 2005
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    Dear apd

    I am aware that this is a domain name forum and did not want to talk too much about our plans for the project, around which all our 15,000 domain name registrations are based.

    I was overwhelmed by your in-depth analysis of ANY-Village as it currently stands. You certainly know how to go for the jugular!
    No one is more keenly aware and embarrassed by the current weaknesses of our websites than I am. I could add to your long list.

    However, your suggestions for improvement are very helpful and constructive. Your idea about featuring village crime is simply brilliant.
    It ties in neatly with web cams in villages (and yes, we registered for this purpose...). I envisage a photo gallery for clubs and individuals, genealogy information (gravestone inscriptions, census lists per village), events diary, unwanted items for local collection, local maps, weather, etc. etc. etc.
    My application developer is dying to get on with the new village layout
    (sneak preview at - no links work, very early days).
    We hope to go live in February.

    Currently a website with community information looks like this: leads to
    Village text is below the photograph. Click on the picture and you see the photo gallery. There are hundreds of such websites active - my problem was publicity and resources.

    Which brings me to the domain names listed for sale at
    We are planning to sell 100 domain names each year to businesses to finance the future domain name renewals.
    If we work on a sale price of between £500 and £1000 this should bring in £50K-£100K of revenues to finance the Nominet renewals and the webhosting and programming costs.
    10% of any money raised in this way will go to one of our 5 chosen charities (same applies to any revenues arising from ANY-Village).

    Naturally I do not know which 100 domain names will sell, which is why they are ALL listed for sale. But there will be an annual cut-off after 100 names have been sold. Over time the prices achieved should increase.

    So many ideas. So many problems. So many opportunities.
    But reading posts like yours gives me the drive to continue and make it all happen.

    Again, apologies to all domainers for this non-domain related post.
    But perhaps it gives you all an insight into how passionate people can be about some of the domain names you hold, i.e. VILLLAGE NAMES!!! ... :)

    Best wishes
  9. ratboy United Kingdom

    ratboy Well-Known Member

    Sep 2005
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    Best of luck Angie, I think what you're planning sounds great. I originally started the thread about the suspension of your portfolio because I was quite frankly blown away by your original achievement, glad your continuing. You must have put some serious hourage into registering and researching all those names!

    Although I'm gutted as I really wanted to sell my neighbours some email addresses with their town name on. BOO HOO!!

    Keep us posted with what your up to.

  10. paymatters United Kingdom

    paymatters Active Member

    Nov 2005
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    I too have tried to do a national site with my domain It's extremely hard to do if you are unable to do it full-time! Maybe take a leaf from friends reunited and go for it! My focus however is purely on getting my domain up the search engines at present and allowing people to enter data for free. The rest will come later. The more things we put on the site, the more likely we are to get found! If you search for 'what's on' on (UK sites only) we are front page!

    Loads of people search for car boot sales (i don't get it!) so worth listing these on your site?
  11. domainscot United Kingdom

    domainscot Active Member

    Feb 2005
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    HI angie

    if your selling your scottish names
    e-mail me i was talking to you at the sedo meeting in london


  12. ANY-Web Germany

    ANY-Web Member Exclusive Member

    Dec 2005
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    ANY-Village - thanks for the boost

    Dear ratboy and allclear

    thank you so much for posting your messages above.
    They did a lot to boost my confidence.

    I did not pursue my project
    fully because I was too busy being married to a local
    politician, for whom my project was nothing but a
    potential embarrassment.

    I was then unexpectedly faced with the decision to
    invest the remainder of my money in ANY-Village or
    in a good divorce lawyer :) - and I chose ANY-Village.
    It took a lot of courage but I know I have done the
    right thing.

    Thanks for holding my hand and spurring me on.
    I will show you prototypes of the new website when
    we are ready (February) and expect all your input to
    turn them into great community websites.
    (see for the new layout).
    Love the car boot sale tip. Keep them coming.

    Again, many thanks and Merry Christmas
  13. cbjim United Kingdom

    cbjim Member

    Oct 2004
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    Hi Angie

    Nice to meet you at the Sedo thames boat event btw!

    Best of luck with your plans, hope they come to fruition

  14. retired_member16

    retired_member16 Banned

    Apr 2005
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    Still waiting for your 'new' website - all I see is the crappy old one :mad:
  15. uglygit

    uglygit Active Member

    Aug 2007
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    Hi Angie,

    Welcome to the forums, wow you have quite a few domain names under your belt, these must cost you a fortune.
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