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Hilarious (for B2B) “alternative domain name suggestions”

Discussion in 'General Board' started by expertc, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Last night I was registering an industrial domain for a new Project. Serious thing, European Project for the logistics companies. Went to check / register, many generics are long gone, but fortunately industrials are easier to get. As the Project is for the EU, it was no problem for me if the domain was .eu, and it was available – freightforwarders(dot)eu.

    But the registrar (as usual) was trying to sell me .com, and this is what their automated system came up with: (Yeah, right, we finish washing these two cars and let’s go and do some freight forwarding) (Wow, this is what Morgan Chase was doing, didn’t end well though) (These freight forwarders, on the bottom shelf…are they fresh?) (these two, in the back garden, they are my freight forwarders, you know…)

    and the top suggestion: (Why???)

    I do understand companies want to sell whatever the cost. I know this is an automated tool. But looking into client’s eyes if you suggest him to use ANY of the above – priceless! :D
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