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How do you value these special domains ?

Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by seyduna, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. seyduna

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    Jun 2008
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    A PREMIUM, SHORT, MEMORABLE domain name "hack", and her sister, both with GREAT BRANDING POTENTIAL: WAV.ES & WAVES.TV

    One can use them for:

    1) An online VIDEO site focusing on SURFING & WATER SPORTS,
    2) A TV NETWORK site (perhaps with live / interactive capabilities).
    3) A COMMUNITY / SOCIAL NETWORKING destination with MULTIMEDIA capabilities.
    4) A great sell for an INTERACTIVE MARKETING agency to be used in a CAMPAIGN project.
    5) A destination to download MUSIC & AUDIO files

    These are only the possibilities, because in a marketing sense, waves stand for:

    * the "AIR / SOUND waves" of the TV, that signifies TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION
    * ENERGY which signifies MOVEMENT, DYNAMISM
    * Sea / water waves which signifies COOLNESS, FRESHNESS, HOLIDAYS, BEACHES
    * .wav format associated with sound files.

    Some other facts:

    * There are TV networks and shows with this name across the world. Google it.
    * A Google Search on wav / wave / waves returns half BILLION hits.
    * This was used by an older web2.0 start-up for an innovative offering. Google
    * There's already a steady flow of traffic for, and a Google PR of 3 which can be turned into immediate cash.
    * With the right branding and audience, very well can be much more valuable than, because it's simply SMART, INTERESTING, and DIFFERENT.
    * Thanks to broadband & video .TV is the rising star of the net, soon to be the most valuable right next to .COM. Take a look at these actual sales figures: $600K, $100K $27K, $13k
    * Thanks to all Spanish speaking countries, .ES also presents a good value, see these actual sales figures: $115K, $43K, $13K

    To me, these 2 domains are true real estates, with a huge potential value when the right customer walks in.

    Please submit your appraisal. Also feel free to visit & and then follow the links to bid on sedo NOW. They both could be yours at a bargain price tomorrow !!

    At least go and visit the domains, and try to "experience" them before you appraise :) What do you have to loose?

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  3. ShoppingPages

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    Sep 2006
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    Shopping Site

    Hello, I am getting some nice Offer from sedo for this site:

    Online Shopping

    Name :

    Can anyone kindly Review how how it is Really worth?

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