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How often do you review your domain collection?

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by SamSites, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Feb 2012
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    Since beginning to trade with domains and develop a few websites around this time last year I've clustered a fair pool of mostly unworthy domain name's. I've spent some time now and again and set un-renew to those which were too trend orientated (I won't make that mistake again), a few others, typo's and names I'll never have time for and no one else will see anything in.

    This leaves me with about 30 domain names, 7 for content/income and I've identified only 2 which I think could be valued at x,xxx scale.

    So the question is: How often do you guy's/girls (if ever) scan through your collections and delete names, try to sell, etc, etc, and also, more prominently, should one even still be registering names now, with pretty much all the big ones gone, I think finding a un-regg'd name worth over £50 is going to have to be a lucky stroke, so with that in mind, why are so many of us dragging in piles of "" and so on domains that seem to just drawl all your profits into renewing cost's?

    Catch'd names also tend to be nearly as bad I find - but they can shed more value in gem's.

    Judging by my [late] entry into the industry, and the relative slowing of names along with .com's, due to lack of open names, how long do you guys/girls feel the sector will "last" for profitably by just registering, catching and selling?

    I doubt it'll end any time soon, but at the rate of seemingly numerous new entrants into this world and the sheer army of names already registered and on auto renew I see the lake drying up real quick; or at least profit going down.
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