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How often do you sell.. anything?

Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by namdas, May 22, 2008.

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  1. namdas

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    May 2008
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    This is almost an introduction post - I've come by a few times but only recently taken a real interest in domaining. Basically I've been doing mini sites for a while with some success, but recently the amount of research i've done into potential new niches has been much greater than the actual building I've done, and I know from past experiences it is easy to plan things with great domains yet never do anything.

    So since I can see myself buying hundreds more yet perhaps only developing some percentage of them, I am interested in just how often people do sell. Looking at, etc I can see that one good sale would probably pay for a good chunk of the investment you put into a portfolio, but I'm sure people part with domains for smaller prices too.

    Basically as I'm coming at it from a mini site angle I'm looking at a large number of topically related two-word keyword domains, so I know they have value as there is traffic (and money) in those niches. Many may need to be rather than

    Do people normally just 'set + forget' - ie list them on Sedo for sale and wait for someone to come fishing - or do you actively market your domains? How successful can you be with a lazy approach?
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