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How to Find Employers and Universities to purchase listings on my Site

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by addz123, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. addz123 United Kingdom

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    OK, so I'm developing a graduate careers advice and postgraduate portal. To begin with it will make money the normal way (CPM advertising and affiliate stuff).

    However, I'd like to start adding a postgraduate funding directory and possibly jobs board to my site.

    My question is what's the best way to find advertisers and leads for a directory service such as jobs board and postgraduate funding? Is it a simple case of needing to hire a sales team to do outreach to find advertisers, or could I just have an "Advertising" section on my site for any clients that want to advertise on my site? Will advertisers come to me or the other way around? Also, is there a minimum daily traffic I'd need before anyone would be interested?

    I'm thinking of doing a free submission model to begin with, so that my site can be populated with jobs and university courses (adding value to visitors). Then at some point in the future I can charge like £25-£100/yr for these spots

    What do you think? I know this is a very competitive niche etc but not looking to be the dog's bollocks, just looking to slowly add additional revenue sources/expansion to the site.

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