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How to promote free entry to UK Lotto

Discussion in 'Website Design' started by mally, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. mally United Kingdom

    mally Well-Known Member

    Mar 2006
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    Hi all

    Can I ask your advice please. I have which at the minute links to the offical VWDelottery with the £1000 free entry competition.

    I also have the option of using a iframe similar to the one on

    Do you think I should set up my own webpage just like the second link above.

    The competition helps find leads to join the lottery syndicate. When people play they are send a couple of elottery promotional emails (which are really good hence why I joined) and the singup rate is quite good - (You can buy 100 names for £60 from the company that are automatically added.)

    So I'm looking at a way of getting names myself for less than 60p and think promoting the lotto entry is the best way.

    Should I do PPC or SEO - Anyone like to help or give advice???

    Many thanks

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