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Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by retired_member6, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. retired_member6

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    It doesn't get easier, always a different response, either that or I'm feeling wary after a month break from negotiating. I sent out a few feelers and got two different replies and the second contacted me with no email required, I hadn't even thought about selling or looking for a buyer yet, it's too good a domain.

    "Let me know the details"

    "Can you tell me what you intend to do with this (domain) as do not want it to infringe on our business."

    "how much?"

    Now, the first one, frank and up front do you think? No crap just tell it how it is and what you think is a correct amount. The second, a bit more tricky, they've not a leg to stand on legally and you'd know I admit it if they did, the only way to get the domain is to buy and was obviously looking to buy at base price. I've told them what I am going to do with the domain, develop it or sell it as it's an amazing asset, not sure I did the right thing there but truth is best.

    And the last one, not giving much away, how much? is that a, "I know you want money, hit me" or "I know how the game works, we know what we're going to pay" or a "come on then try your luck, you aint getting much."

    I do have a standard response but I wish to increase the margins this year, as others think I've been mad selling at £350 and £500 to businesses (first year went well though) and I don't wish to change my well worked emails too much and or not change them and lose the sale. What do you think? Stick to what's got me sales in the past and just add a couple of hundred to cover inflation? :p

    I've also got two outstanding "we'll send a cheque at the weekend" and a "I'm still waiting to hear back from my partner." Oh and one 'cease and desist' mounty letter which I declined gracefully.
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    It's never easy Lee, I have got greedy before and wished I hadn't when they walk away. Even when you've agreed a price getting the deal done still takes too long.

    I take the view if it is not an "earner" from parking etc. then really think about selling it, unless it's one you want to develop, yes I have loads of those sitting on my self, never enough time.

    Turn over enough sales to keep it interesting and to fund your renewals, then you can sit on what's left and try to maximise on them.

    Good luck.
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