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Initial thoughts regarding choosing my next registrar - Your views appreciated

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by Learning, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Learning

    Learning New Member

    Nov 2012
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    I am completely new to this (just wrote first post in introductions forum this morning) so your kind patience will be highly appreciated.
    I have a very small business and I am trying to learn more about domain names registration as I am creating a very simple website for my business.
    I am doing it myself, taking the opportunity to learn.

    My domain was registered with Yola at the beginning of this year (making use of a free offer for small business by GBBO "Getting British Business Online" initiative) and as the package with Yola is about to expire, I am looking into moving from Yola to another domain registrar.
    At this stage, my prefered option would be to move my domain to a new Domain Provider and have the website separate.
    I am trying to find out more about domain registrars based in the UK in order to make a good choice for my next registrar.

    How should I choose my next registrar?
    I am trying to nail down: what do I need, what do the different registrars offer and how their offers are different, what services they offer and what are their prices (initial price but also renewal price in future).
    I would really appreciate your thoughts regarding my initial findings and questioning.

    List of criterions/questions to choose registrar:
    - based in UK ? (my understanding is that the country of the website affects the rankings by search engines like google)
    - includes E-mail Account
    - POP Email (same?)
    - E-mail forwarding accounts ?
    - Adverts / Banners / Popups? (no thank you)
    - Domain privacy ?
    - Web Diversion ?
    - Administration Control Panel ?
    Q: what other key Domain Features should I consider?

    List continues with things that make little meaning to me - read these somewhere but not sure what it means or whether answer would be meaningful to me though ;-)
    - resource limit (?)
    - what servers are used for shared hosting (?)
    - Web Forwarding (?)
    - Setup (?)
    - NameServer Control (?)

    There must be loads of other things I should consider. I would appreciate if you could tell me a few.

    FEES for a domain:
    123-reg: 1 year for £4.99; 10 years for £34.90 1 year for £5.98; 10 years for £41.35 £2.95 per year (for 2 to 10 year registrations). Note: Based in the UK (+), Free Domain privacy for consumers with .uk domains : 10 years for £93.69 £2.69 per year
    TucowsDomains ...

    Any other UK-based registrars you would suggest I look into?
    Any feedback regarding above or other UK-based registrars (both postitive and negative). Which one should you avoid and why? Which ones can you trust and for what reasons?

    Thank you very much for reading and for your feedback/thoughts.

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. AssetDomains United Kingdom

    AssetDomains Well-Known Member

    Feb 2010
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    Just A quick reply to get you going

    Consider domainmonster to store your name reasonably priced a good support.

    I use evohosting as my main hosting provider and if you only have the one domain you might also want to use them as your registrar as i think on some hosting plans domain renewal cost are free

    This post May be useful
  4. mattyr45 United Kingdom

    mattyr45 Active Member

    Feb 2012
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    The registrar you use is the easy bit compared to hosting etc and if I only had one domain name I wouldn't want to spend more than 5 minutes thinking about where to keep it.

    I'd pick one that allows free tag changes (to move registrar if necessary) but you need to make sure your existing registrar can change the tag for you to transfer the domain elswhere otherwise you are going to have to pay £10 + VAT for nominet to do it from your account at

    In this example DomainMonster would be my first choice.

    Some hosting suppliers aren't amazing registrars which encourages you to keep your site hosted with them because it would be hassle to move your domain registration away from them.
  5. Aiden Roberts

    Aiden Roberts Well-Known Member

    May 2011
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    Firstly welcome to the forum.

    It's so easy to get bogged down with the detail when you first venture into domain names, if you are planning on buying hundreds of domain names then yes it's relevant, if however you are having just a few then don't feel that you need to understand everything at the outset, we have all been there.

    Domainmonster are fine, helpful and have plenty of support articles to guide you through the process of transferring names etc...

    Evo Hosting, I am a fan been absolutely fine with me now and when I was a complete newbie. I lost count of how many times I crashed databases and they just fixed it.

    The best advice is this, every question you have asked and will ask is probably already answered on the forum, get a coffee and spend time reading you won't regret it.

    The search facility at the top of the forum is your new best friend.

    All the best

  6. eddieb United Kingdom

    eddieb Active Member

    Feb 2012
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    I would echo the others, adding that it is probably worth using a UK-based registrar and UK-based host. I say this as I have had some unnecessary problems with staff at a US host who didnt seem to know how UK transfers work.
    I found UnlimitedWebHosting to be incredibly helpful and very competitive, likewise TSOHosting
  7. Murray United Kingdom

    Murray Well-Known Member

    Sep 2012
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    I really don't like 123-reg for anything.. Id avoid them but that is just me.

    tsohost have some pretty good pricing and I find their wordpress hosting very good.
  8. stellar73 United Kingdom

    stellar73 Active Member

    Aug 2011
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    As others have said I would opt for Domain Monster for registrations (£6.70 inc vat for a 2 year reg which is as cheap as you're likely to get and they're a decent company)

    For hosting I also use TSO Host and would recommend them (I have a discount code domainoptions for 10% off any of their products if you or anyone else wants to use it)

    The only problem I foresee you having is trying to transfer your name away from Yola (Tucows are the actual registrar behind Yola) - I had a name with them last year and, unlike with most other registrars, they don't make the process easy. I think I gave up in the end, I may have to re-visit it and see if I can figure it out.
  9. Learning

    Learning New Member

    Nov 2012
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    Initial thoughts regarding choosing my next registrar - Thanks ... and more questions

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all your answers so far.
    I actually have a couple of domain names (all for free so far but expiring soon) and I am also planning to have a couple more in the future.
    Hence the effort to make an informed choice. Yes, this means a lot of reading on this forum and others and a little of posting a few questions. Not a problem. Also reading into this, I have come across so many bad reviews for domain registrars that I thought better to look into it now rather than be sorry later and have to spend time to sort it out when you did not expect to.

    I note the recommendations for:
    - domainmonster (decent company, reasonably priced - about £6.70 inc vat for a 2 year reg, good support, helpful and have plenty of support articles to guide you through the process of transferring names etc). Nb recommendations: III
    - evohosting (for hosting. Domain renewal cost free on some hosting plans). Nb recommendations: II
    - UnlimitedWebHosting (very helpful, very competitive). Nb recommendations: II
    - TSOHosting (good pricing, wordpress hosting very good). Nb recommendations: III

    And to think twice rather than use:
    - 123-reg

    Additional things I will check before choosing next registrar:
    - UK-based registrar and UK-based host
    - allows free tag changes (to move registrar if necessary)

    I will also need to make sure existing registrar can change the tag to transfer the domain elsewhere otherwise will need to pay £10 + VAT for nominet to do it

    - Anyone has experience transfering name away from Yola / Tucows?
    - What do you think of UK2 ? They seem cheap and have regular discount offers for domains. Is it worth considering or better to avoid for some reason?
    - recommended or better to think twice / avoid ?
    - If I go with Domainmonster for my domain(s) registration, can I just use google site for hosting my website(s) for free or will I need tpo pay for another web host ? I know google site is very basic but it is sufficient for what I need at the moment so I am not keen on paying £ monthly yet for hosting website. Or would I have to host my website anyway as google site would create the content but not host? Confused here...


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  10. AssetDomains United Kingdom

    AssetDomains Well-Known Member

    Feb 2010
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  11. namealot United Kingdom

    namealot Well-Known Member

    May 2008
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    Daily ,co.,uk if you use there domain credits are quite competitive also good with technical issues and sorting out problem that arise easy to use control panel no hiiden extras etc

    Domain Credits .uk x 10 £27.90 £2.79 £/Year
    Domain Credits .uk x 20 £55.00 £2.75 £/Year
    Domain Credits .uk x 50 £134.50 £2.69 £/Year
    Domain Credits .uk x 150 £397.00 £2.65 £/Year
    Domain Credits .uk x 250 £647.50 £2.59 £/Year
    all prices plus VAT
    (` 2 year reg = 2 credits, So 50 credits would get you 25 names etc)

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