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Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by jhulott, Nov 1, 2010.

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    A new service for the publication and promotion of insurance content online. Specialist insurance articles, posts and press release syndication services for insurance brokers and companies that want to make their content work harder.

    Having been an online insurance intermediary for some time we were frustrated at the lack of publication and syndication resources dedicated specifically to insurance brokers and companies.

    We don’t just publish and go. Shortly after your content goes live we will “bookmark” it on some of the web’s most popular bookmarking sites as well ad delivering your message to lots more readers’ eyes by the correct and efficient use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds to alert other services that you have published something new and interesting.

    We will also Tweet your new stuff and convert your content to audio podcasts for further distribution.

    Insurance Publisher is always developing new resources for clients and these will be made available to current members without extra charge.

    This service is open to US and UK Insurance Brokers, affiliates and SEO companies who manage campaigns on behalf of clients.

    To find out more and to signup visit: Insurance Publisher
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