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iPad and iPhone q

Discussion in 'General Board' started by Retired_member41, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. Retired_member41

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    Mar 2010
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    I always get amazing advice here, so here's another thing that's puzzling me.

    iPhone 4S says 3G but mostly H

    So I done a speed test and its 8mb down 1.7mb up

    iPad mini says LTE yet has the same speeds?

    So does this mean the 4s is always going to be as fast?

    Only reason I ask is the salesman said it was better to be on EE rather than orange 3G

    So if ipad mini is 4g would it be as fast as it is on orange?

    Down to costs for me. If your an orange customer or EE you can get a free iPad mini for £20 a month on orange with just 250mb data which is ok for me. But for £25 you get one free on EE with 5gb (not a bad deal is it)

    I've reduced my tariff on phone last few months so its like getting one for a fiver a month
    to me.

    Any 3G H+ or 4g experts
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