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Is a rating worth a phone call?

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by crabfoot, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. crabfoot United Kingdom

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    Jan 2009
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    This is a wierd one -
    My cousin has a son, who is coincidentally named similarly to me, and has a band in Aberdeen (a city near Norway, for the Yankees). I wish to speak to my relative (first cousin, if you want to be precise about these things), so I try to log in to YouTube - he has lots of posts on there recently, which is what I want to talk about.

    Firstly, Google logged me out, before I could goto YouTube - I looked at Analytics a couple of hours before - then it refused to accept me as a person fitting to join YouTube (it must have seen the video, but I don't care, the video hasn't been deleted).

    What?! - they pay me money, but I'm not good enough to join their online community?

    So I go to the "contact us" area of YouTube, and I have NO email decision to make - call this number or fax this other number in California - reminiscent of the days, 20 years ago, when "software support" meant "dial this number in California which is permanently engaged"?

    WTH I call the number - surprise, this is not a YouTube number, this is Google, no specific options, and everyone has gone home - I get the automation - the lights are on, no one is here, not even the satisfaction of leaving a message.

    But I notice that one of the options offered on the phone line is to ask for your site to be indexed - anybody try it, did it work?
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