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Is current EMD situation an opportunity?

Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by archibel, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. archibel United Kingdom

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    Google's EMD decision must have hurt their profits:

    When EMD's ranked well, large companies were forced to spend huge amounts of money on Adwords to maintain a first page presence. Overnight, they found themselves at the top of organic results and could significantly reduce their online spend and still achieve the same level of visibility. Whereas, the owners of (most) generic EMD's who were previously at the top cannot replace Google's lost income, simply because they don't have the money.

    I understand why Google made the decision and their search results are arguably better for it. However, they could afford to lose advertising revenue. Yahoo & Bing cannot, which might be why they haven't gone down the same route.

    However, if/when Google come under pressure to increase profits, reversing EMD would be an quick fix.

    So, whilst many think the days of EMD value are long gone...maybe now is a good time to invest in top EMD domains?
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  3. Retired_Member42

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    Perhaps they lost some ad revenue initially but given that there are only a few money spots in the organic serps and more and more people competing in any given niche day to day, I don't think it's hit them too hard if at all.

    Allowing EMD's back to the top of the ranking would be a step backwards for their search product. I think we'll see Google constantly improving and tweaking the algo to allow better, less known brands through but I don't think EMD's will get a look in.

    Besides, EMD's getting devalued isn't a recent thing. We're 2 years past the first major update to take away their massive weighting. If they were going to backtrack as you mentioned I think it would have happened already.
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