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Large New York Real Estate Agents Directory

Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by miker, Aug 20, 2006.

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    Aug 2006
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    If you want me to build a directory portal for any other topic please ask us for a quote

    Website for sale:

    Domain name:

    I have a directory for sale that lists realtors/ real estate agents in state of New York. This is a unique site, I am not selling any clones. There are 3 custom designed images, new owner will have all rights to the graphics.
    Script that used on this site costs $200 to purchase. The price of the site includes once license of the script. We customize the script by redesigning the look of the site, and the code.

    At this point anybody can register for free to be listed in the directory, but I am charging for a sponsored listings. Script can be easily configured to charge a basic fee for all inclusions. Please keep in mind that I completed this site only
    two days ago, so assume no revenue or traffic. This is a quality turnkey site, a nice startup that can benefit to people that want to: sell banners, links, sponsored results, promote their real estate business or start a new real estate resource center for state
    of New York. –comes with a very nice domain name, that I would say worth few hundred dollars for sure. As I mentioned above a professional graphic designer was hired to do the graphics. Please check below the links to the graphic images. I am using the database of more than 55 thousand realtors/real estate agents in New York. Each realtor has it’s own page, so there are more than 55 thousand pages on this site. Script is extremely optimized for search engines. Each page has title, and all the pages have unique keywords. When buy the script developed by a software company, but as I mentioned above we customize it a lot.
    One of the things we do is we scan Google for the relevant term for each page and find the most popular keywords for this particular term. For example if there is a city
    called Delmar in Albany county of New York. We check what sites are rated the best 10 for the term Delmar Real Estate, we analyze the keywords and phrases that helped these sites to appear in the first page of Google, and after that we use the same keywords, and phrase to optimize each page.

    Each page of the script has Google Adwords on it. I am offering a free move to your servers, or one year free hosting on my servers with no strings attached.

    Payment through Paypal, money order, or you can propose any other method of payment that you like the most. – main page - category listing ( all optimized for the search engines, no numbers at the end of the pages. Each page has not only Google Adsense, but also Searchfeed listings displayed. - details page for one of the realtors, again notice that there is a page with html extension, and a name that makes sense.

    Please note that we are not going to make any clones of the same site once it is sold. If you want me to build a directory portal for any other topic you please ask me for a quote. Our team is capable of building one site every 7-10 days.

    Posted in multiple forums. Please PM if you have any questions. This is not a thread to discuss your opinions – please only post if you have sufficient funds to purchase. We will consider trades for domain names/other sites.

    If you want me to build a directory portal for any other topic you please ask me for a quote
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