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Last weekend - consider supporting pairing

Discussion in '.UK Domain Name Consultations' started by Stephen, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Last weekend for submitted your .uk feedback to Nominet.

    As has been shown by media analysis and many views on Acorn that .uk is not desirable compared to the status quo.

    4a. No – I do not agree with the proposal to enable second level domain registration in the way you have outlined.​

    I would ask those that still feel .uk may be forced through by Nominet
    or they feel .uk may be beneficial if it was done in a way that removed the 'collateral damage' to existing registrants that the current proposal creates.

    To consider supporting ".uk and pairing" which would mean;

    .uk is for business : so other UK tld's such as work as they do now owners automatically get .uk : so nobody who doesn't hear or understand about .uk does not loose out

    .uk is free : small amount of costs incurred being covered from Nominet surplus and .uk redirect at registry level : so website and email will work as one and .uk linked ownership that cannot be split : sell one that means sell both, so no security concerns of confusion between the 2 tld's.

    Independent study and research performed to Study the consequences if this option were to be adopted : due to the enormous consequences of getting it wrong

    Consultation explaining the options to a wide range of stakeholders : something not yet done in the drive to have .uk introduced.

    Simple in concept to explain to consumers : and .uk are one and the same!​

    Link for Nominet .uk feedback:
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