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    •Built on Joomla 1.5
    •Search Engine Optimised
    •Affiliate Future Affiliate Links
    •High Traffic Search Term (Last Minute Vacation Deals)
    •Google Adsense
    •Price Comparison for Flights, Hotels, Holidays and Car Hire

    The domain is less than a year old but has been submitted to several hundred directories and has links from my vast links within our network.

    The term Last Minute Vacation Deals is a high traffic term with several thousand searches per month.

    The sale of the design includes the Joomla CMS, the design, the domain and all related files. The site has 460 pages all of which are search engine optimised.

    As a test I ran a Google Adwords campaign for 1 day, spending £2 and generated a £17 sale. I do not have time to manage this domain and it's just a distraction so would much prefer to sell it to a holiday company that could utilise it and tap into the 'Last Minute' and 'Late Deals' market.

    The website has a auto-generating content component that grabs content from whichever XML feeds you choose and creates new pages for each of the new feeds.

    The site also runs Google Adsense which on the vas majority of my sites has a 2% Click rate.

    As part of the deal I will switch over the code to your AffiliateFuture and Google Adsense accounts.

    email info {at} to discuss this further.
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