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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by dashu1, Aug 26, 2009.

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    What's on offer here isn't just a website, but also some excellent Google ranking, a glut of excellent associated org_uk domains, & around 24 months of research & networking that has resulted in some excellent contacts with distributors that will do drop shipping of a range of very high quality handbags - one of these distributors only drop ships for 2 websites - us & a larger one.

    The advantage of this approach is that you can list the entire range of bags from a manufacturer without holding the stock, but you also get the standard retail markup of 2.5 times the buy price.

    For example, a bag that you sell for £100 would only cost you £40.

    You would have to pay shipping, but this is very reasonable - it ranges from around £1.50 for a purse to £10 (at the most) for a handbag - obviously this is far better than any affiliate scheme, plus you get a better conversion rate since people are buying from the website rather than the unsettling feeling of being shuffled off to someone elses website.

    We've concentrated on ranking the site by brand name.

    Some of these we've dropped since I don't have the time to deal with the site (which is also the reason for wanting to sell it), but the site was ranking in the top 3 for all of them in Google - the main brand we've been concentrating on - Ciccia (very Radley - it was set up by the ex radley designer) - is ranking extremely well in Google:

    Ciccia handbags: 1st in Google, 2nd in Yahoo
    Ciccia bags: 1st in Google, 2nd in yahoo
    Ciccia 2nd in Google, 6th in Yahoo

    More generically:
    Leather Handbags: 1st in Yahoo, 13th in Google (was 2nd but has gone through the Google dance - reappeared recently should go back to page 1)
    Handbags: 10th in Yahoo, nowhere sensible in Google.

    I feel that there is a huge amount of potential here for someone who can take the site & actually keep it up to date & handle enquiries in a timely fashion.

    The site was set up for a business venture undertaken by the wife, but since she no longer has time to run it, it's fallen to me to run it - & I just don't have the time or the inclination.

    Handbags have 2 seasons per year. The site currently has the old range of ciccia handbags on it, the new range came out a month or so ago, but I haven't time to update it.

    Consequently sales have been slow in the last month or so.

    I added a range of Radley etc affiliate scheme bags from Debenhams yesterday since I was thinking of giving it another go, but today, with customers pressing for work to be done, I realised I just can't keep on top of it.

    It would be a shame to let it die.

    Turnover & profit:

    Bear in mind that the following figures from March 1st to end of June represent figures when the website was not top of Google, and that it hasn't been updated since it came to the top of Google, and you can gauge for yourselves how much it could do now

    Plus also that it was for a small number of handbags brands:

    March 1st to June 30th : Turnover £4473 Profit: £2147

    Over 12 months that would be: Turnover: £13419 Profit: £6441

    -Remember that would be higher with the now higher rankings.

    You could run this however you like, as an affiliate site, resell it to a handbags company, or sell handbags by drop shipping or even as a fully fledged handbags store.

    The other domains are:

    laptopcase org uk (33,100 exacts per month)
    leatherpurses org uk (4,800 exacts per month)
    leatherhandbag org uk (40,500 exacts per month)
    leatherbags org uk (18,100 exacts per month)
    leatherbag org uk (27,100 exacts per month)
    fashionbags org uk (5,400 exacts per month)
    eveningbags org uk (14,800 exacts)
    designerpurses org uk (6600 exacts)
    clutchbags org uk (33,100 exacts)
    hand-bags org uk
    laptop-bags org uk

    I think you'll agree there's a great deal of potential here if you are looking to build a strong online business.

    I'm looking sensible offers in the region of £x,xxx - if you're interested or want more details just let me know.

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