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Lists of future expiring domains - how?

Discussion in 'Drop Lists' started by peter_w, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. peter_w United Kingdom

    peter_w Active Member

    Nov 2008
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    Hi folks,

    Just wondering if there's a service anywhere which offers the full list of dropping domain names or indeed .com's. We currently use justdropped for the .com's but I assume they are creaming the good ones off the top before sending the lists.

    I know a lot of people on this forum actively catch names, so I'm just wondering what processes are undertaken in order to compile the list of domains which are dropping on X day?


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  3. springer United Kingdom

    springer Active Member

    Oct 2008
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    7 has a large selection of domains that will be dropping the following week. Other than that you can create your own list of domains that are dropping (use something like watch my domains to keep track:

    That is all I know. Someone who actively catches may be able to shed more light...
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  4. webart

    webart New Member

    Mar 2010
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  5. WestHamFan

    WestHamFan Active Member

    Jul 2007
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    For UK domains you either set up a database to monitor names yourself or buy the knowledge in from other peoples research I guess. A DIY solution isn't as easy to set up as it may appear tho. I keep an eye on around 12,000 names which was a lot of work to set up and I still feel as if I'm only scratching the surface!

    As springer says you can also see some of the names dropping in 7 days at Domainlore but by then it's usually too late to book a catch on anything really worthwhile.

    AFAIK Nominet don't yet make suspended (or renewal required) data separately available to anyone so it really is all about mining the whois and building a watch list. The problem I see with using 3rd party monitoring websites is you are potentially doing all the data entry for their database! In effect you could be creating drop lists for them to capitalise on using your watch list entries.

    If you google about you will also find a few people discussing UK drops and offering UK drop lists etc. but I can't vouch for any of them I'm afraid.

    If you think about it I guess it's understandable why the shrewd domainers who invest the time and effort in monitoring a large volume of names for drops are reluctant to share any gems they uncover. One good catch for them is worth thousands and I wonder how many drop lists which include the juicy names they would need to sell to earn the same? Do they really want to invite even more competition for the good drops?
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