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    WA is the postal code for Washington and there is over 750 words beginning with E such as electricity, energy, entertainment, estates, environment, email, exclusive etc, WAshington AE is the contry code extension for the United Araba Emirates (dubai) along with W at the beginning could be very interesting as World, Web, Websites, Welcome etc etc HUGE POTENTIAL

    Here is just a few acronyms for wae
    World Arab Emirates
    Work And Emploment
    Wireless Application Environment (WAP)
    WAP Application Environment
    Wireless Access Equipment
    World Ag Expo
    West African Energy (stock symbol)
    Wind Automated Energy
    Working Aptitude Evaluation
    Work Assessment Executives
    Wind Air Electricity
    Wild And Exciting
    Worldwide Advanced Energy
    We Are Equals
    World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)
    Etc Etc

    BIN £5k

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