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Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by, Jul 27, 2007.

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    heres my idea.. :rolleyes:

    If 1000 of us buy 10 decent each, that will clean them out of the nominet registry. So by virture of them not being there, they would become rare and go up in value. :mrgreen:

    so lets say 10 x £6 = £60 cost to each of us

    even the crapest is £100.

    By 2010 I would bet my 10 would be worth at least £120, meaning they have doubled in under 3 years.

    now obvisously are more valuable - I would say current market, on average makes them 100x more valuable (mainly because theres none left :confused:)

    eg: = £10, = £1k etc

    therefore the longer all the remain in existence the longer they will take to become valueable...
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    Sep 2006
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    The problem would be the under 3 years part. When this drops to under 2 years of the reg fee someone will buy all the domains up. £6000 wouldnt be much when you could turn this around without any more outlay.

    money makes money, I just dont have a spare £6k not even 6p atm (moving home)

    Nice idea... email when its down to 100 free domains lol

    great idea as this forum member base could easily manipulate the market
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    Aug 2007
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    How many names are available out there?
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    Jan 2007
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    I think one of the missing factors in boosting the value of's (or for that matter .info's, .mobi's or even the failed .biz's) is the element of how many of them are in use?

    If you capture the entire market, sure it makes getting one difficult, so they are rare. But if at the end of the day, no one is typing them in because nobody ever visits a site that's a, then in a way you're doing harm to increasing the value by holding/parking/doing nothing with them.

    Don't get me wrong, I have a few's and .info's - and I think both have a lot of room to mature and will be more valuable in the future. Plus your plan may be a good one. Something that is needed is development f some of these names. To the extent that people are familiar with the names and visit them regularly...

    When I get a chance the first I'm gonna to develop is:
    staffing (

    The first .info I'm gonna develop is:
    LondonUniversities (.info)

    Does anyone have any other thoughts on's?

    Interesting thread. Nice idea by the original poster...
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