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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by darmar, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Premium open-source computing domain name; typo
    created: 2004-05-21
    expires: 2008-05-05
    registar: DomainSite

    I'm taking offers. Please send offer via PM or e-mail.

    For more information on domain names, please visit their websites by clicking on their domain name.

    With some simple stats script I have on this self-parked domain name, I see about 20 type-in visitors per day (direct traffic).

    Here are some details about the domain itself:

    - premium typo of the official website

    - created in 2004.

    - indexed in all major search engines

    - .com, .net, .us are also registered

    - there are some backlinks

    - in past, web contained Linux related content

    - LNUX is also a stock quote of very popular Linux company

    - it can also be used as an abbrevation for some other purposes
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