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Looking to buy a music related site/domain

Discussion in 'Website Wanted' started by rickie kazi, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. rickie kazi

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    Mar 2010
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    Looking to acquire a music website
    To keep this short I'm interested in acquiring an active (music) community, be it in the form of a forum or social network.

    It will have to be active, no small time (new) forums/sites please, anything generating over 1000posts a day or close to, should have at least 3,000 active members.

    It doesn't have to be currently music oriented, it could be a general forum with a large music section that could easily be flipped to focus on music, the domain would have to be music related though or a general name with no particular niche to it.

    SEO and ranking is not important to me, if it's an active forum with 3k+ active members and generating over a thousand posts a day then I'm very interested. I'll only be acquiring one forum.

    Please don't be deterred either, if you have something that is VERY music oriented, already fully developed and has a community that is semi active with great potential, for the right price, id also be interested.

    Budget is in the low to mid $xx,xxx range for the right site and im not too bothered about the domains extension though i don't want .info / .mobi or .tv

    Either PM me with you questions or sites on here or tweet me for the fastest response @rickiekazi


    please note that a similar post has been published on several other forums and I am in a hurry to purchase the right site/forum so please get in touch with me asap
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