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Discussion in 'Domain Name Offers Invited' started by jimmc, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Selling to raise funds for an eco project I've been banging on about for years. First to go are the names next to come up for renewal, so some might not be great and others will.

    The value in these four are (they're 6 years old), theyre not a drops, or a recent catches - and all the major extensions are taken. Not generic but do have a large target marketplace for anyone who wants to develop, either that or hold till a decent offer comes in. – I like this one, great for a dating site. - Could be anything from a dating site to a e-commerce shop. – Great name for a dating site – I like this one best, could do a lot with it!

    Have never been offer for sale before.

    ONE DAY OFFER, set to drop, if I let them go most as everybody knows the value that they have now will be lost. So offers anyone, these are not a high ticket items but could be good brands.

    Cheers, Jim.
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