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Made redundant - what next?

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by peacock, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. peacock Sweden

    peacock Active Member

    Apr 2009
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    Hi All,

    Just been given 3 months notice by my employer, so I immediately started thinking about my "employment insurance" which is a collection of websites.

    I would love it if I could replace my income from my own digital marketing business.
    I know my way around most online marketing including Adwords, SEO, Affiliates, retargetting.

    Any hints, tips or inspirational tales appreciated!
  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. Aiden Roberts

    Aiden Roberts Well-Known Member

    May 2011
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    Wow sorry to hear that, sadly it's a sign of the times. Probably not qualified to give you advice but I genuinely believe that things happen to test us, it's how we react that's important so good luck in whatever avenue you take.

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  4. Edwin

    Edwin Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Apr 2005
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    Bad luck, but hopefully you'll be able to transform your income from a salary to "multiple revenue streams".

    Do you have a website or niche where you're doing better than others? If so, that may be where you can most usefully focus your energy. It's probably better to work on a few "larger" websites than a collection of mini-sites, since Google's getting tougher and tougher to please.

    Also, if you're anything like me, you'll have to fight hard to distinguish between stuff that soaks up time (e.g. posting on forums, reloading Google Analytics every few minutes, checking affiliate stats) and stuff that may actually result in new income coming in (e.g. writing good quality content, link-building etc.) as it's very easy to spend the day in front of the PC and realise at the end that nothing that day quite falls under the "real work achieved" category.
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  5. mattyr45 United Kingdom

    mattyr45 Active Member

    Feb 2012
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    What a great opportunity you have been given! Good Luck!

    Hmmnn yes, I hadn't heard of procrastination until I began working for myself!
  6. monaghan United Kingdom

    monaghan Moderator Staff Member

    May 2007
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    This is what we did a few years back when I was made redundant, the up-side was that I'd been wanting to return back to my own company full time but needed a bit more financial security which the redundancy cheque gave us.

    Look very honestly at what you can do and see if you believe you can generate income from it.

    Look for multiple streams in different areas so you are not dependant on a single income. (My company is offering domain catch, web programming, web hosting, systems admin, consultancy and systems management for local business.)

    Re-evaluate your lifestyle
    • We factored our allotment (which had been a hobby) into our calculations as we knew we could grow a lot of fruit & veg.
    • Cut wastage - eat all of what you buy & buy just what you need
    • Get a big freezer - if something is on offer at the shops buy bulk and freeze it
    • Cook your own meals, it is much more fun to make something than to pull a ready made version out of the fridge. - I made 32 rolls and 2 loaves of bread yesterday - the kids asked me not to buy shop bread again when I started making bread!
    • I initially saved £30-40/month by cycling to school rather than taking the car a short slow inefficient congested journey, I guess I'm saving much more now.

    I'm sure there's much more others can add, but in summary, look at the big picture, evaluate what you've got, what you need and think outside the box.

    Find things you enjoy doing and use these to generate revenue, you are the boss so might as well have a say in what you do all day.

    Our family quality of life is much better as a result of redundancy :)

    We've not skipped a mortgage payment or missed a meal yet (although it has been close on occasion!)

    As Edwin suggests, you need to be disciplined otherwise you'll be "playing" all day and not generating income.
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  7. Sussexite

    Sussexite Active Member

    Oct 2010
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    Sorry to hear your news.

    My tip is, if you want the web to become your main source of income, make sure you jump in with both feet into something you are 100% sure you want to jump into. Edwin's suggestion about a small number of really good sites is a good one.

    Whichever site(s) you choose will become
    • something you think about every day
    • something you do every day
    • a part of your identity; and
    • part of your cv - and should help you get back into employment if it doesn't work out.

    So choose carefully and then commit to it 100%. You're choosing what you want your life to be like for the next five years.

    And the very, very best of luck.
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  8. accelerator United Kingdom

    accelerator Well-Known Member

    Apr 2005
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    Try and focus on a handful of sectors, i.e. don't spread yourself too thinly.

    It's all about the rank you can achieve on Google!!

  9. Stas United Kingdom

    Stas Active Member

    Jan 2010
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    Relying on affiliate sites, google for income can be very stressful. Can make good money one day, spend more than you make next, get slapped by google and not make anything for next few months. And might need to splash out good money on links, domains, content etc at times. So I suggest getting involved with variety of projects, some that will not rely on organic google traffic too much, and sorting out a nice credit line. Puting those extra hours into your own business can work out much more profitable than working for someone in the end.
  10. dragon United Kingdom

    dragon Active Member

    Sep 2008
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    Couldn't agree more with the above - also work out that some sites may take months to go up in google, so either ppc to get 'instant' results (still a wait to be paid from merchant though) - or think of related services/etc that will result in being paid sooner, such as ppc consulting/management/advice for ex.
  11. admin Spain

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Jun 2004
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    Sorry to hear this news, it hangs over us all these days but must be an aweful feeling when you actually get hit with it.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do Acorn-wise to help you i.e. help with anything you are stuck on for your sites, advice, etc.

    I just purchased SEO Powersuite so can run some SEO checks for you on your domains etc., I also have an Estibot account so can run your portfolio through that to give you search and other stats.

    Good luck

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