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.me as vanity "plates" ?

Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by NatXXX, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. NatXXX

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    Mar 2009
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    Appraisal or advice please as vanity "plates" ?

    I would really grateful and appreciative for the experienced views of the members of this forum,
    do you believe that .me as a personal or vanity domain name is a worthwhile investment? could these be the new virtual numberplates ?

    I have a few and I would appreciate rough valuations/offers , ,

    some more literary type ones... ,

    Oh,... and is it just me or just a coincidence, if I think of another potential new one like I did last night and check it out on GoDaddy, it's suddenly been bought if I procrastinate longer than a day.. yesterday I checked out TopCat.TC it was available last night , but not today, just bad luck ?

    Thanks for any help and advice.

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