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Discussion in 'Domain Name Auctions' started by medicalpages, Apr 2, 2014.

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    The Holy Grail of Medical Domains

    At we have 340+ premier medical domain names up for sale. All domains nicely aged to enhance SEO.

    Contact us with selected domains and your offer for bulk or single domain purchases. You can reach us by email or via

    Closing NHS Services

    In order to save the NHS from financial ruin up to 20 NHS hospitals across the UK may have to shut and services will be transferred out of hospitals into the Private Healthcare system.

    While the debt crisis may close a string of NHS hospitals, Private Healthcare is a rapidly growing £5 billion industry, with the opening of new companies within Private Healthcare at an all time high.

    As patients are unable to receive healthcare from the NHS, Medical Professionals such as Surgeons and Doctors are jumping on the bandwagon to open their own Private Healthcare companies.

    As the number of companies opening in Private Healthcare increase, the demand for premier medical domains will increase. At Medical Pages we have already sold over 600 domains to domain brokers and medical professionals, many starting up Private Clinics of their own.

    Now available for purchase, we have recently added the remainder of our 340+ medical domain portfolio.

    Contact us

    If you would like to make an offer for ownership of a medical domain name please contact us via or via

    Please note discount is available for bulk domain name purchases.

    You can view all our domains at or below.


    For safety reasons on both sides we only accept payment via Escrow. Please note the buyer will need to pay any Escrow fees.

    Medical Domains Available from
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