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Discussion in 'NameDrive' started by domaingenius, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. domaingenius

    domaingenius Well-Known Member

    Dec 2004
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    Please convince me whether and how I would earn more from my parked
    (for sale) domains with Namedrive as opposed to having banners on a web site at which those names are pointed ?.Lets say for example I have one group of domains related to Cars and get about 8,000 hits a month mostly from people wanting to buy and sell cars and other vehicles.

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. Edwin

    Edwin Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Apr 2005
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    With banners, you might get a 2% clickthrough rate, if you're lucky. With a parking program, you could easily get anywhere from 10%-50% CTR, so unless the parking program pays MASSIVELY less per click you're better off parking.

    Of course if you plan to devote significant effort into developing AND promoting an active site, i.e. create a large amount of additional traffic that wasn't there before, then the picture changes - and so do the numbers.
  4. NameDriver

    NameDriver NameDrive Staff

    Aug 2005
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    Hi everyone, Edwin, Domaingenius.

    Welcome to our new area! Very exciting. NameDrive is certainly keeping our feet on the ground, Stevie. We are still tiny. Look at the fall from grace that GoldKey experienced. We're still hammering away night and day...

    DG, just a quick word. You can reckon on, conservatively speaking, about $20 RPM for parking traffic, say anything up to $100 RPM or more for UK car traffic. If you're getting 8000 hits a month, then that means you could earn anything from 160 to 800 USD for parked car domains. You know what you're getting per month from the banners, so I suppose it's an easy sum.

    If you'd like any help setting it up or any other advice, just drop me an email or a PM and we can discuss it further.

    Hope to see you in the halls of ND soon :)

  5. aqls

    aqls Well-Known Member

    Nov 2005
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    DG - suck and see.

    Some domains perform brilliantly on parking (the $5 per click we're hearing about on ND) and some - like one I got - paid $0.00 for a click through!

    It depends on what ad they click through when they get to the page, and it depends on which parking co. you go to as to how much they pay for an equivalent ad.

    For the sake of changing nameservers and adding the domain name to ND's account and waiting for say 1 - 2 weeks. (3 or 4 days for nameservers to propagate, week or so for search engines to pick up new keywords).

    And you can directly compare.

    Be careful not to make the mistake of looking at what ND says is your revenue today and yesterday as those numbers are just made up (just a load of averaged useless rubbish as far as I can tell!) The real revenue may be up or down from that and is calculated 2 days later - so only look at stats from 2 days previously and before.

    If it doesn't work then point it back to your banner page - as long as you keep the hosting space your original site will still be there when you get back!

    The main advantage of your banner page is that you can promote it. Google adfeeds does not let you promote the url.

    If it's not a trademark name, I'd be interested to know what the domain is - sounds very good to get that sort of traffic.

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