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National Sponsor Wanted! (Pls Read)

Discussion in 'General Board' started by BG, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Hi guys.

    I've been asked to find a Sponsor for the UK National Dodgeball Championships which is being held here in Milton Keynes.

    Why not advertise your website or company (See info below)

    Included within the package:

    Advertising and logo placement on all event marketing material including:

    - All pre-event advertising.
    - Event signage and advertising banners sited around the venue and within the playing arena.
    - Event T-shirts and merchandise.
    - Joint branding on Championship microsite.
    - Sponsorship recognition in editorial and media coverage for the event.

    Banners on popup stands:
    - 1 meter wide by 2 meters in height.

    Banners displayed above the courts
    - 3 meters wide by 6 meters in height

    Preferred Logo Format: EPS

    PRICE: £1500

    Here is some information surrounding the sport Dodgeball:

    Fast - Fun and Furious...

    One of the fastest growing sports in the UK, Dodgeball is the all action team sport taking the country by storm. A multi-skilled, multi-balled sport, Dodgeball has to be seen to be believed. Competitive, addictive but most of all fun, people of all ages are getting hooked and getting involved. This is your chance to join the phenomenon that is UK Dodgeball.

    The home of Dodgeball:

    At the forefront of Dodgeball in the UK, New City is helping to build the sport from humble beginnings into a sport for everyone to enjoy. With the largest UK league NCDL are enjoying their 5th Dodgeball season. Players from the Milton Keynes area compete on a weekly basis for the coveted League Cup. In tandem with the league we also run a junior club on Saturdays for all children aged 9 - 14. With our accredited coaches working with schools in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire NCDL are introducing Dodgeball to the masses. Having hosted many successful tournaments we
    are hoping, with your help, to make the National Championship the highlight of the year and cement Dodgeball as one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.


    UK Governing Body:

    Since its foundation in July 2005 the United Kingdom Dodgeball Association has been responsible for driving the expansion of Dodgeball in the UK.

    UKDBA’s Progress:
    - First Dodgeball Tournaments held - 2004
    - First Dodgeball Leagues created - 2005
    - First British Dodgeball Championship - May 2007
    - First University Championship - 2007
    - 17 competitive adult tournaments held in 2008
    - First National Governing Body Coaching Course launched - November 2008


    12 of the best teams in the UK...

    The cream of UK Dodgeball come together to compete for the National Championship title. Three qualifying teams from regional and university championships are set to battle it out in Milton Keynes to be crowned 2009 National Dodgeball Champions.

    UKDBA British Championship 2009 will be hosted by the New City Dodgeball League on the 15th March. The venue will be at Bletchley Leisure Centre, Princes Way, Milton Keynes MK2 2HQ. NCDL will run all aspects of pre-event preporation and promotion and the running of the event on the day. The UKDBA will officiate and schedule the tournament. The tournament will raise the profile of dodgeball in the UK by attracting national and local press just as it did when televised on ITV's Ant & Dec Saturday Night Take Away Show.

    UKDBA with Ant & Dec : Dodgeball : Ant vs Dec (Peter will also be one of the referee's at the nationals).

    The Future Of Dodgeball:

    Dodgeball Youth Development The dodgeball youth development plan has been designed in order to ensure that each child who participates in Dodgeball at school is provided with a
    pathway within the sport. The aims of the pathway are to assist and promote Dodgeball in schools throughout the UK and provide young people with a new and exciting team sport that caters for all. Included within the plan is our philosophy for Junior Dodgeball, the new ‘Duck-Into-Dodgeball’ plan, which will give all children the opportunity to work towards UKDBA accreditation through the guidance of our qualified coaches. With over 500 schools having experienced Dodgeball our aim for the sport to become part of the school sporting curriculum gets closer every day.

    If you would like to sponsor this event, Please contact me via PM and I will pass you my contact details. alternatively post your interest within this thread.

    I thank you in advance for your interest. (Deadline for this package is: Monday 2nd March).


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    you knew someone had to mention 'sir. stiller' :lol:

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