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New Sedo RSS feed!

Discussion in 'Sedo' started by sedo, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Hi Everybody,

    Starting immediately, you can receive round the clock news by way of Sedo’s RSS Feed for domain news, updates, auction activity and much more.

    All you have to do is register for the specific RSS Feed you are interested in. Check out the list of topics Sedo is offering:

    Just click on the RSS Symbol and your browser will take care of the rest, showing you the Feeds you have signed up for.

    What is an RSS-Feed?
    RSS stands for „Really Simple Syndication“ (or „Rich Site Summary“ or „RDF Site Summary“). RSS Feeds are based in XML format and offers users the ability to receive information quickly from their preferred websites and news sources.

    What are the advantages of RSS Feeds?
    The advantages to RSS Feed users are many. You can save time by instantly receiving the news you want, as opposed to searching for it over several sources. The advantage to Sedo’s RSS Feed is that you will receive information regarding your auctions taking place on Sedo’s site, or be informed of new domains on our marketplace which match your preferred criteria.

    What do I need to get started?
    You really just need a browser to get started, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer (at least version 7.0 or higher). When you use the RSS Reader of your browser, just put the URL of the desired RSS Feed into the Reader to receive up to the minute content from Sedo’s website.


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