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New World order (What are your views)

Discussion in 'General Board' started by datingsites, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Sep 2012
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    Ok, what are views on the New World Order, Does it exist?

    These are my personal views based on the USA government.

    1. Any president is really a Sales person or Front for big business, I.E the banking sectors, Industrial. The president is really there to Sell to the public the stragieties that big business wants to implement for the world for their own pockets etc.

    2. The public still see a president being there for the people or have times changed and in reality congress etc is just putting forward what businesses want and the president has to sell it to us? Or have the public woken up and realise it is not government that call the shots but industry.

    Has it always been like that but we have not had the information as close to hand or were as able to get, I.E = The internet now makes information possible (Danger that information is not accurate of course and can of course do more damage)

    3. Does the illuminarti exist? Do they hold any power nowadays or are they just like a sect?

    4. Bilderberg. Another organisation that has people in power (Industry .banking) as members who all meet up together to talk world agenda.

    Is Bilderberg a serious threat to society in terms of them putting their own agendas in place?

    5. Iraq = Ok there was no weapons of mass destruction found (As we are told, who knows if that is true or not will we ever know)

    What was our main reason for going into Iraq? Ok so saddam treated his people badly (That is what we in the west are told anyway)

    So did we just go in to Iraq for the oil? (More than likely, and that the chemical weapons was a made up story to give the world the green light. The president then could sell to the USA public the concept that IRAQ is a threat to stability in the West.

    But really it was the puppet masters (Who control the president and government) for their own financial greed to have a (SO Called) Legitimate excuse to attack Iraq, and look like we are bringing freedom that country?

    6: Afghanistan. This one has always made me wonder. The Taliban makes 90% of its money from the poppy fields and supplies the world with heroin. If we really wanted to break them down, SURELY with all of the USA’s and other countries weapons we could destroy their source of income?

    Why don’t we do this?

    1.If we did the world would have to support Afghanistan and it would cost more to do so as The poppy filters down to areas of business in Afghanistan and keeps legitimate business alive.

    2. The new world order wants to control everything from oil and also the heroin trade, for their own financial gain? Sounds way out that they want to control the heroin trade.

    So here is a question. Why don’t we destroy the poppy fields?

    7. Why don’t we help the Syrian people? We jumped straight on board when Gadaffi was supposedly playing up (Again so we are told) and the world soon worked in hand with the rebels to oust the leader?

    Are we not helping the Syrian people as the country does not have oil?

    8. was 9/11 fabricated by the USA (Ok it did happen the towers did fall down etc etc) But was it terrorists? Was it a Agenda by the new world order or similar Group to control the flow of oil and to the USA a excuse to attack the Muslim nations who incidentally own a lot of the worlds oil reserves and precious metals and that the president was again the sales person for the puppter master/s to sell the invasions to the USA public and get them on board?

    9. China has bad human rights past and still has. So why don’t the USA have much to do there in china? Is it because no oil, China has one of the biggest armies in the world and won’t be bullied by the USA.


    Are we not helping the Syrian people as the country does not have oil?

    A lot is myth and speculation. What are your views?

    This video here made for good viewing but again who knows what are true facts and what is fabricated to suit a certain need.

    Let’s get a discussion going, it is interesting to hear your views

    Have a watch of this video
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