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No Reserve! Complete Portfolio Of 300 Brandable Domains!

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by jensenium, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Ebay item # 290244088669

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a complete portfolio of 300 (298) same-suffix domain names with instant internet brandibility. It took nearly 3 years of domain back-ordering, waiting, and bargaining to complete this set of domain names. Over these three years, it has cost me an arm and a leg to secure these names. I'm starting University this September and the proceeds from this sale will be used for my expenses in University.

    Included in this auction will be all LOGO artwork that was commissioned for the Master Portal ( which was meant as a jumping board to all the other websites. All electronic LOGO files for each website will be included, along with all other miscellaneous files that may be of benefit. Any other questions will be posted and answered for all to see if they are relevant to the sale. Very few of these websites have been activated through GoDaddy, and I was not at all interested in usage statistics as I knew that brand recognition for this many websites would feed off of each other.

    This is a NO RESERVE auction, and I get the feeling I'll kick myself in 10 years for selling these - but University calls. I'll be making this auction INTERNATIONAL and available to people world-wide, so may the best bidder win! May I recommend if you'd like to ensure an anonymous and automatically entered bid for yourself.

    Good Luck!

    YOUSAURUS.COM (Master Portal) You can visit this website to see additional information and a link to a functional website.

    3DOSAURUS.COM 3-D (software and 3-dimensional design)
    ACCESSOSAURUS.COM (Access for disabled)
    ACCOUNTOSAURUS.COM (Accounting software)
    ACTOSAURUS.COM (Acting & Headshots)
    ADDRESSOSAURUS.COM (Address database)
    AFROSAURUS.COM (Hair styles & learning)
    AMMOSAURUS.COM (Ballistics & gun lovers)
    ANIMALOSAURUS.COM (Database of animals)
    ARCHEOSAURUS.COM (Archeologists etc)
    ARTOSAURUS.COM (Everything art)
    ASKOSAURUS.COM (Question & Answers)
    ASTROSAURUS.COM (Astrology etc)
    AUCTIONOSAURUS.COM (Auctions etc)
    AUTOSAURUS.COM (Cars, Trucks, etc)
    BADOSAURUS.COM (Top 10 most wanted)
    BANDOSAURUS.COM (Garage bands etc)
    BANKOSAURUS.COM (Everything banks)
    BIRDOSAURUS.COM (Everything birds)
    BOATOSAURUS.COM (Everything boats)
    BODYOSAURUS.COM (Human Body etc)
    BOOBOOSAURUS.COM (Common injuries)
    BOOKOSAURUS.COM (Everything books)
    BOOKSOSAURUS.COM (Everything books)
    BOXOSAURUS.COM (Everything packaging)
    BUILDOSAURUS.COM (Everything building)
    BUSINESSOSAURUS.COM (Businesses etc)
    BUYOSAURUS.COM (Online shopping)
    CAMOSAURUS.COM (Everything Cameras)
    CARDOSAURUS.COM (Card games etc)
    CAREEROSAURUS.COM (Everything careers)
    CARGOSAURUS.COM (Everything shipping)
    CASINOSAURUS.COM (Everything Casinos!)
    CELEBOSAURUS.COM (Celebrity watch)
    CELLOSAURUS.COM (Cell Phones etc)
    CEOSAURUS.COM (Big business & CEOs)
    CHATOSAURUS.COM (Everything Chat)
    CHEAPOSAURUS.COM (Living Cheap)
    CHEFOSAURUS.COM (Everything Chefs)
    CHIROSAURUS.COM (Chiropractors etc)
    CHOCOSAURUS.COM (Everything chocolate)
    CHURCHOSAURUS.COM (Everything churches)
    CLASSOSAURUS.COM (Class reunions etc)
    CLEANOSAURUS.COM (Cleaning products..)
    CLOCKOSAURUS.COM (Everything Clocks)
    CLOTHOSAURUS.COM (Cloths & Fashion)
    CLUBOSAURUS.COM (Club database)
    COLLECTOSAURUS.COM (Collector's items)
    COMICOSAURUS.COM (Everything Comics)
    COMPENDOSAURUS.COM (Compendiums etc)
    CONNECTOSAURUS.COM (Connecting friends)
    CONSTRUCTOSAURUS.COM (Construction etc)
    COOKOSAURUS.COM (Everything Cooking)
    COSMOSAURUS.COM (Everything Beauty)
    CRAFTOSAURUS.COM (Everything Crafts)
    CREDITOSAURUS.COM (Credit Scores etc)
    CRYOSAURUS.COM (Cryogenics etc)
    CRYPTOSAURUS.COM (Math Puzzles etc)
    DAYOSAURUS.COM (Famous events)
    DEATHOSAURUS.COM (Online Cemetary)
    DEGREEOSAURUS.COM (Everything Degrees)
    DISCOUNTOSAURUS.COM (Discounts etc)
    DIYOSAURUS.COM (Do It Yourself etc)
    DOCOSAURUS.COM (Everything Documents)
    DOCTOROSAURUS.COM (Doctors etc)
    DOLLAROSAURUS.COM (Currency exchange)
    DOSAURUS.COM (DOS, programming, etc)
    DRAWOSAURUS.COM (Collab. drawing)
    DREAMOSAURUS.COM (Everything dreams)
    DRINKOSAURUS.COM (Good places to drink)
    DRUGOSAURUS.COM (Teen information)
    EARTHOSAURUS.COM (Earth watch)
    EATOSAURUS.COM (Places to eat)
    ELECTOSAURUS.COM (Everything elections)
    ELECTRONOSAURUS.COM (Electronics etc)
    EMPLOYOSAURUS.COM (Job searches etc)
    ENCYCLOSAURUS.COM (Encyclopedias etc)
    ENGINEEROSAURUS.COM (Engineering etc)
    ENGLISHOSAURUS.COM (Everything English)
    ENVIROSAURUS.COM (Environment etc)
    ESLOSAURUS.COM (E.S.L. learning etc)
    EULOSAURUS.COM (Eulogies before death)
    EUROSAURUS.COM (Everything Europe)
    EVENTOSAURUS.COM (Worldwide Events)
    EXPORTOSAURUS.COM (Exports etc)
    FACTOSAURUS.COM (Fact or Fiction etc)
    FAITHOSAURUS.COM (World's faiths)
    FANOSAURUS.COM (Sports fans etc)
    FASHIONOSAURUS.COM (Everything Fashion)
    FIBOSAURUS.COM (Liars, cheaters, etc)
    FINDOSAURUS.COM (Lost children etc..)
    FISHOSAURUS.COM (Everything fishing)
    FITOSAURUS.COM (Becoming fit, health)
    FIXOSAURUS.COM (How to fix it etc)
    FLESHOSAURUS.COM (soft porn)
    FLICKOSAURUS.COM (Movies, videos..)
    FLIGHTOSAURUS.COM (Plane flights etc)
    FLIPOSAURUS.COM (Flipping homes etc)
    FLIXOSAURUS.COM (Movies, videos, etc)
    FLYOSAURUS.COM (Everything planes)
    FOLIOSAURUS.COM (Portfolios etc)
    FOODOSAURUS.COM (World foods etc)
    FRIENDOSAURUS.COM (Meet new people)
    FUELOSAURUS.COM (Fuel prices etc)
    FUNOSAURUS.COM (Fun for kids, teens)
    GAMEOSAURUS.COM (Games to play)
    GENEOSAURUS.COM (Genomics & people)
    GETOSAURUS.COM (General entertainment)
    GHETTOSAURUS.COM (Hip-hop, rap, etc)
    GIGOSAURUS.COM (Industry gigs etc)
    GIZMOSAURUS.COM (Gizmos & toys)
    GOLDOSAURUS.COM (Everything gold)
    GOODOSAURUS.COM (Candy, treats, etc)
    GOOFOSAURUS.COM (Comedy, comics, etc)
    GOOGOOSAURUS.COM (Everything babies)
    GRAMOSAURUS.COM (Measure conversions)
    GROUPOSAURUS.COM (Meetup groups)
    HACKOSAURUS.COM (Computer technologies)
    HELPOSAURUS.COM (Depression etc)
    HEROSAURUS.COM (Nominate good people)
    HOROSAURUS.COM (Horoscopes etc)
    IDOSAURUS.COM (Identification systems)
    IMPORTOSAURUS.COM (Imports etc)
    INDEXOSAURUS.COM (Mass indexing)
    INSUROSAURUS.COM (Insurance etc)
    INTOSAURUS.COM (Hobbies etc)
    INTROSAURUS.COM (Meet new people)
    INVENTOSAURUS.COM (Inventions etc)
    INVESTOSAURUS.COM (Investors etc)
    IQOSAURUS.COM (IQ tests, scores, etc)
    ITOSAURUS.COM (Information Technology)
    JAZZOSAURUS.COM (Everything jazz)
    KIDDOSAURUS.COM (Everything Kids)
    KILLOSAURUS.COM (Regime, government..)
    LABOROSAURUS.COM (Job listings)
    LAUGHOSAURUS.COM (Daily jokes etc)
    LAUNCHOSAURUS.COM (Project guidance)
    LAWOSAURUS.COM (Everything Law)
    LEARNOSAURUS.COM (Learning etc)
    LEGOSAURUS.COM (Everything LEGO)
    LIGHTOSAURUS.COM (Solar technologies)
    LINGOSAURUS.COM (Languages etc)
    LOOKOSAURUS.COM (Eye specialists)
    LOTTOSAURUS.COM (Everything Lottory)
    MAGICOSAURUS.COM (Everything magic)
    MAGOSAURUS.COM (World Magazines)
    MAILOSAURUS.COM (World Mail service)
    MAPOSAURUS.COM (Interactive maps..)
    MARKETOSAURUS.COM (Market info..)
    MARSOSAURUS.COM (Everything Mars)
    MARTOSAURUS.COM (Shopping Worldwide)
    MATCHOSAURUS.COM (World sporting event)
    MEDOSAURUS.COM (Prescription drugs)
    MEETOSAURUS.COM (Singles, dating)
    MEMOSAURUS.COM (Brain, memory)
    MENOSAURUS.COM (Everything Men)
    MEOSAURUS.COM (Everything Cats)
    MESAURUS.COM (Everything you)
    METROSAURUS.COM (City Living)
    MINDOSAURUS.COM (Everything brain)
    MONEYOSAURUS.COM (Everything Money)
    MOONOSAURUS.COM (Everything Moon)
    MOSTOSAURUS.COM (Most unusual things)
    MUSICOSAURUS.COM (Everything Music)
    NATIONOSAURUS.COM (National files)
    NATUROSAURUS.COM (Everything Natural)
    NERDOSAURUS.COM (Everything Nerds)
    NEUROSAURUS.COM (Neuroscience etc)
    NOSAURUS.COM (Peer pressure etc)
    NUDEOSAURUS.COM (Nude living)
    OFFEROSAURUS.COM (Special offers)
    OILOSAURUS.COM (Oil Industry)
    OPTOSAURUS.COM (Optics & glass etc)
    ORGOSAURUS.COM (World Organizations)
    PAINTOSAURUS.COM (Everything Painting)
    PARENTOSAURUS.COM (Parenting 101)
    PARTOSAURUS.COM (Indexed Parts DB)
    PAYOSAURUS.COM (Online currency)
    PERFORMOSAURUS.COM (Performances etc)
    PHONOSAURUS.COM (World Phone book)
    PHYSIOSAURUS.COM (Physiotherapy etc)
    PICTOSAURUS.COM (Everything photos)
    PILLOSAURUS.COM (Pill advice)
    PLANOSAURUS.COM (Everything planning)
    PLANTOSAURUS.COM (Everything plants)
    PLAYOSAURUS.COM (Theatre, Opera, etc)
    PODOSAURUS.COM (Portable music etc)
    POLLOSAURUS.COM (Polls, consensus)
    POOLOSAURUS.COM (Betting Pools...)
    POPOSAURUS.COM (Popular culture etc)
    PORTOSAURUS.COM (World Ports)
    POSTOSAURUS.COM (Classifieds listings)
    POWEROSAURUS.COM (Speed demons etc)
    PRESSOSAURUS.COM (Press, Media, etc)
    PRICEOSAURUS.COM (Prices, deals, etc)
    PRIDEOSAURUS.COM (Alternative styles)
    PRIZEOSAURUS.COM (Prizes, awards, etc)
    PRODUCTOSAURUS.COM (Product indexes DB)
    PROSAURUS.COM (Professionals etc)
    QUICKOSAURUS.COM (World's fastest)
    RADIOSAURUS.COM (Ham Radio etc)
    RAPOSAURUS.COM (Hip-hop, rap, etc)
    READOSAURUS.COM (Reading lists etc)
    RECORDOSAURUS.COM (World records)
    RENOSAURUS.COM (Renovations etc)
    RENTOSAURUS.COM (Rentals, car, house)
    REPOSAURUS.COM (Repossessions etc)
    RESEARCHOSAURUS.COM (Research etc)
    REVIEWOSAURUS.COM (Everything review)
    ROBOTOSAURUS.COM (Everything robots)
    RSSAURUS.COM (RSS Feeds, all feeds)
    SAILOSAURUS.COM (Everything sailing)
    SAYOSAURUS.COM (Speech, speaches, etc)
    SCAMOSAURUS.COM (Everything Scams)
    SCHOOLOSAURUS.COM (Best Schools etc)
    SEARCHOSAURUS.COM (Everything search)
    SEEKOSAURUS.COM (Singles, Dating, etc)
    SEEOSAURUS.COM (Eyesight, surgery, etc)
    SELFOSAURUS.COM (Confessions, etc)
    SELLOSAURUS.COM (Everything sales)
    SHIPOSAURUS.COM (Everything Ships)
    SHOPOSAURUS.COM (World shopping etc)
    SICKOSAURUS.COM (Common ailments)
    SILKOSAURUS.COM (Lingerie, underwear)
    SINGOSAURUS.COM (Everything Singing)
    SITEOSAURUS.COM (Everything websites)
    SKINOSAURUS.COM (Soft porn, etc)
    SLEEPOSAURUS.COM (Everything sleeping)
    SMITHOSAURUS.COM (Everything trades)
    SOCIOSAURUS.COM (Social networking etc)
    SOFTOSAURUS.COM (Programming, software)
    SOLOSAURUS.COM (Solo performances)
    SOSAURUS.COM (S.O.S., help, etc)
    SOULOSAURUS.COM (Everything Soul)
    SPACEOSAURUS.COM (Everything Space)
    SPEAKOSAURUS.COM (Public Speaking)
    SPOOKOSAURUS.COM (Everything spooky)
    SPORTOSAURUS.COM (Everything Sports)
    SPOTOSAURUS.COM (Finding what you need)
    STAROSAURUS.COM (Hollywood etc)
    STUDIOSAURUS.COM (Online studios)
    SUMOSAURUS.COM (Large fetishes)
    SUNOSAURUS.COM (Everything sunny)
    SUPPORTOSAURUS.COM (Support network)
    SWINGOSAURUS.COM (Everything dancing)
    TANGOSAURUS.COM (Adult dating etc)
    TATTOOSAURUS.COM (Everything Tattoo)
    TAXOSAURUS.COM (Everything Tax)
    TEACHOSAURUS.COM (Teaching, educating)
    TEENOSAURUS.COM (Everything Teens)
    TEMPOSAURUS.COM (Temporary employment)
    TESTOSAURUS.COM (Everything tests)
    TEXTOSAURUS.COM (Texting, etc)
    THATOSAURUS.COM (That B*tch, smacktalk)
    TOOLOSAURUS.COM (Everything tools)
    TOSAURUS.COM (Everything Toronto)
    TOUROSAURUS.COM (Everything Tours)
    TRAINOSAURUS.COM (Everything Trains)
    TRANSITOSAURUS.COM (World transit)
    TRASHOSAURUS.COM (Trash talk, sports..)
    TRICKOSAURUS.COM (soft porn)
    TRIPOSAURUS.COM (Trip planning, etc)
    TVOSAURUS.COM (Everything T.V.)
    UFOSAURUS.COM (Everything U.F.O.)
    UNOSAURUS.COM (Number one, the best)
    URLOSAURUS.COM (Everything URLs)
    USAURUS.COM (Everything USA)
    VETOSAURUS.COM (Vets, pets, etc)
    VIRTUOSAURUS.COM (Virtual worlds etc)
    VISIOSAURUS.COM (Everything vision)
    WACKOSAURUS.COM (Everything strange)
    WANTOSAURUS.COM (What people want)
    WAREZOSAURUS.COM (Applications etc)
    WAROSAURUS.COM (Everything war)
    WATCHOSAURUS.COM (Police,Military watch)
    WEATHEROSAURUS.COM (Everything weather)
    WHOSAURUS.COM (World Health)
    WIKIOSAURUS.COM (Everything Wiki)
    WOMENOSAURUS.COM (Everything women)
    WORDOSAURUS.COM (Dictionary etc)
    WORKOSAURUS.COM (Online jobs)
    WORTHOSAURUS.COM (What you're worth)
    WRITEOSAURUS.COM (Learn writing, etc)
    WWWOSAURUS.COM (Internet index)
    XOSAURUS.COM (Soft porn)
    XXOSAURUS.COM (Soft porn)
    XXXOSAURUS.COM (Soft porn)
    YEAROSAURUS.COM (Almanac, etc)
    YESAURUS.COM (Old English history)
    YOUROSAURUS.COM (Possessions etc)
    ZOOSAURUS.COM (Everything Zoos)
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