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Nominet going too far

Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by lwoody, May 1, 2012.

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  1. lwoody United Kingdom

    lwoody Active Member

    Dec 2009
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    Nominet's Data quality team contacted me a few days ago saying they had been unable to verify the address on two of my domains. (I'm pretty sure the domains had been reported to them). Whoever/Whatever it was had managed to get Nominet's attention because I had the word Bridgend written twice in the whois, once for city and once for county...unbelievable! When I emailed back and asked was this actually the reason, they confirmed it!

    As if 123-reg and their renewal bug wasn't enough for me to worry about now I have Nominet to add to that too.

    This was the email:

    Registrant Name: MyCompany Ltd
    Contact Name: LW

    Nominet is the Registry for .uk domain names. We are contacting you as part of our ongoing Data Quality Improvement Programme. For further information, please visit our web site at

    We have been unable to verify registration details for your domain names.

    Domain Names:


    Registrant Name: MyCompany Ltd

    Current address:
    1 mycompanies road
    CF11 FGH

    We have been unable to verify your postal address.

    To update the registrant address, please log into Online Services at

    Once logged in:

    * Please click on 'Domain List'
    * Click 'edit' next to your registrant address
    * You will then be able to update the registrant address

    If we have still been unable to verify all your registration details by 14 May 2012 your domain names will be suspended. Once a domain name is suspended, any services that use it such as your website or email will stop working.

    Your domain names will then remain in a suspended state for 7 days, after which your domain names will be cancelled. Once cancelled the domain names will be available for re-registration by anyone.

    We have also notified your registrar.

    Please contact the Data Quality Team if you need any help logging into Online Services.

    Kind regards,

    Data Quality Team

    I think that's a little OTT!
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  3. admin Spain

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Jun 2004
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    Wow they have too much time on their hands!

  4. djbw United Kingdom

    djbw Active Member

    Oct 2010
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    I do the same for Cardiff. Perhaps Nominet should tell Cardiff County Council...
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