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    Onscreenbabes .co .uk is now up for sale with 5,000 uniques and 21,000 page displays per month.

    It has been registered since 2001 (6 years old now) so well established in the search engines (currently 6th in MSN for keyword 'Nude Celebrities' and 4th in MSN for keyword 'Naked Celebrities').

    Overture rates these keywords as:

    Naked Celebrities = 11,842
    Nude Celebrities = 7,936

    At present, because I have not updated affiliate links (some now expired), I have very little in the way of adverts being displayed - but there are some very well paying adult affiliates nowadays - some paying up to $150 per sale. Adding code to the website will be simple - or you can use the traffic to promote your own website.

    The website hasn't been updated for a while, as I have been too busy on other projects. Always meant to come back to this one but haven't so far so would like to sell for the right price :-D

    Looking for offers so please reply or send a PM

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