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uk Over 1100 domains to sell

Discussion in 'Domain Portfolio Sales' started by TinkyWinky, May 15, 2012.

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  1. TinkyWinky United Kingdom

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    Hi All

    I have too much on, no focus, too many plans blah de blah (the usual excuses). I also have a lot of projects bubbling like and etc! that need my full attention (my business partner says so!)

    So am looking to see whether selling my whole portfolio is an option to free up some time, hassle and money.

    There's a few in here I have paid mid £x,xxx for in the past and the list WILL include :

    fetch /couk (recent offer of £11k and another of £9k)
    searching /couk (offer last year of £7k)
    premiums /couk
    suncreams /couk
    octane /couk (offer last year of £6k)

    Good domains include :

    bedquilts /couk
    cashbackcards /couk
    kennels /orguk
    videopoker /

    I have been making a few private sales from this list recently - about 1 or 2 a month - I will provide details if you need but there's no wow factor to any of the ones I have sold as I have always priced very high as I have no need to sell. These range from £350 to over £1000 - and that is for a two word domain that only had 58 Global exact match according to G!

    There's quite a few dictionary word domains plus a few websites that make a few pounds each month :

    fxcurrency /couk
    idogs /
    fridge / orguk
    rugbysevens / couk
    comparecarhire /orguk
    companyformationuk /couk

    There's some absolute crackers and few sh1t ones that i have picked up as part of a group of 50 - 100 domains where I have only wanted 1 or 2... probably about 100 of those maybe.

    I am not at this stage going to split them up - and any offer will have to be a £xxx,xxx +VAT offer - so no tyre kickers.

    If anyone knows of any US or worldwide brokers / dealers and wants to earn 5% then if you introduce and they buy - I will pay you 5% of the Net sales price.

    If anyone wants a list please PM me - I am not desperate to sell - but if the price is right then I will glady do so in order to concentrate on a remaining few!

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