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Discussion in 'Domain Parking - General' started by, Aug 2, 2004.

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    URLPortfolio are currently offering 100% free domain name parking's 'FREE PARKING' service allows domain owners to convert unused 'dormant domains' into effective cash generating holding pages.

    To get the benefits of's massive 45% payout rate, simplistic administration, instant setup using http and ip forwarding simply CLICK HERE to request to be set up. Within hours you will literally begin to see the benefits from parking your unused domains with the 'FREE PARKING' service.

    Please remember that the service is FREE to use and that any number of domains can be parked with If at any time you require assistance with the service someone will always be happy to assist you and ensure 100% satisfaction.

    We have used their system ourselves and get good PPC and have also benefitted from their free domain sales system - no fees!
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