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Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by Billy, May 5, 2008.

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    0 > As the owner of a nice little domain name investment "" I have seen of recent the huge cryout for members of various forums such as this forum requesting paid forum posting services for their own forums, just to get their forums started and their membership base to grow.

    So I had a quick brainstorm and I thought, well there is also thousands and thousands of website owners out there who have their own Photo Gallerys....

    ... and as an owner of my own australian car gallery and car discussion forum I personally know how hard it is to get a gallery and a discussion forum started ... it is a real struggle.

    Its amazing when you see forums and gallerys on the net with thousands of members, if not tens of thousands of members, thousands of photos or tens of thousands of photos ... just think these forums such as this started off with an idea, one thread or one photo.

    Photo Uploading is a real pain in the ass ... trust me I know, I have spent the last week uploading around 1000 photos on my new enterprise Rude Photos (Clean Site!) and I have thousands more to upload, and this is going to take me quiet sometime.... it is so time consuming, boring, and frustrating.

    Would it not be great if you could just pay someone a small fee, e.g. $50 per 1000 photo uploads and then you could just sitback and relax while someone else or a small team of people upload the photos for you?

    So I just hand registered the name with the intention of possibly one day developing the name into a Paid Photo Uploading service for people with gallerys struggling to get images uploaded on their sites within a short time frame.

    What do you guys think of this domain name with the potential of development?

    The research I have done, I have not found any other paid uploading services for gallery owners, other than the popular services which will only host your photos such as imageshack, photobucket, flickr and so forth.

    I think a proper photo uploading service for people struggling to get their galleries going would be a service that many gallery webmasters would be screaming for.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated!



    PS: If any one has any Stock photos for sale, I need good quality photos of anything which is sought after, like pretty girls, babes, cars, motorbikes, models, celebrities ... you name it ... I need it, almost anything! But it must be watermark free, clean, non offensive, no x rated pornography, or underage. The images must be ftp'd to me Please contact me via PM. I am after quantities of 500 and over.
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    Dude, I got 4 words in and gave up.

    Loose the bold, stop the waffle, get the appraisal.
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