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    Jan 2007
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    Pirino Auction Website
    Age of Site: ~11 Months
    Pagerank Score: 3/10
    Domains Included:,,

    Members: 51
    Active Members: 46
    Auctions: Currently none live, but a total of 753 auctions have been posted in the past
    Sep 06: 2,286 uniques
    Oct 06: 1,616 uniques
    Nov 06: 1,235 uniques
    Dec 06: 524 uniques
    Jan 07: 603 uniques so far

    Site received 5,050 uniques in march 06 due to submission of a press release to PRWeb, since then I haven't done much with the site, it's basically looked after itself as I have had way too much on with buying a house and moving in with my girlfriend, starting a new company etc

    Runs on PhpProBid v 5.23 with massive modifications, such as automatic telephone verification (site calls new users to verify their phone number, same as PayPal does to verify its members), text message notification (site sends text message to users if they are outbid, if their item sells etc), PayPal verification mod (users can pay $5 through PayPal to get a feedback from admin and a special image within their listings to show they are PayPal verified, all of which is automatically handled by the site), Ban countries/open proxies, Google Base/Froogle feed, Usenet feed, Auctions can be password protected, auctions can have video in them, and so much more. Users can even have their own blogs! Way too many features to list here!

    Looking for offers on this amazing package. Site can also be hosted for the buyer for free until they find a new home for it, that's not a problem.

    I prefer payment by either PayPal or Wire Transfer. Domains at so free push.

    Will also be including the domain name

    Should also mention that the site makes $30 per month from

    If you have any questions, ask away! :)


    P.S. Bids can also be made via SEDO (ignore sedo stats, I removed their counter)
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