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_co_uk playingcards

Discussion in 'Premium Domain Names' started by tank, Jun 13, 2014.

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    Looking for offers for this premium domain. We can sell either as the domain on its own, or with around £3k worth of stock (plus marketing cards to go our with orders).

    This domain has had zero SEO, so no backlink history, or google penalties. The domain sits at number 3 in Yahoo! and Bing for "playing cards".

    We are looking to sell the domain name on its own, or with stock, but the website design is part of our custom ERP so not for sale. Happy to keep it going for a month after sale to allow you to set up your own content before 301'ing across.

    If you are interested in the stock also, it is from 4 major European suppliers and good quality, including a large number of bicycle lines. We are exiting the playing cards market to free up warehouse space for our main lines, but through this website, ebay and Amazon we sold 2,500 packs of cards in the last 12 months (average price is around £4-5).
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