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Portfolio with premium domains, including shares(.)mx, ships(.)mx, and many more

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by plavi9, Mar 16, 2010.

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    .mx is ccTLD for Mexico, country with population of about 110 millions inhabitants. There are good percentage of Internet users, and that number is in constantly growth.
    Also, U.S. are very close. Possible is creating of North American Union (NAU = Mexico + U.S. + Canada).
    .mx could easy become one of the strongest ccTLDs in the near future.

    All these names are taken in ALL major extensions, and in many ccTLDs. All have very high number of EXACT monthly searches, and many of them have high CPC. Names are really premium.

    Here they are:

    biology .mx
    brokerage .mx
    cottage .mx
    desk .mx
    desks .mx
    discuss .mx
    ecology .mx
    flats .mx
    gasoline .mx
    municipal .mx
    (spanish and english)
    navigation .mx
    newspapers .mx
    petrol .mx
    recruitment .mx
    rnb .mx
    shares .mx
    ships .mx
    speakers .mx
    statistics .mx
    students .mx
    take .mx
    travelling .mx

    I would prefer to sell them all as a bulk sale, but will also consider separated offers. If you are interested in purchase of all them as a bulk, please note that i will consider only some four figure offer.

    So, i am taking offers here or via PM. I can accept Paypal, Moneybooker or for both parties security.
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