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Post me an article on your blog about payday loans and i'll give you 15 quid

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by MASSEY, Feb 17, 2014.

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    MASSEY Active Member

    Jul 2010
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    The criteria is relatively simple, i'm not interested in page rank rubbish or link authority tosh, i just want backlinks. :)


    No free blogs like blogger, your site offering the link must be a bought domain on paid for hosting.

    The site offering the link must also have some sort of search engine respect, by that i mean the majority of your content must be indexed and indexed within a reasonably short space of time after hitting the publish button.

    You don't have to write a masterpeice, i will tell you what theme i would like you to hash out and the link anchor to use. About 400'ish words should suffice. No spun text though.

    I would prefer your content to go on a blog that has some form of purpose. Maybe a personal blog that you don't mind violating with a bit of finance babble.

    The site the link will go to is pday loan, it is undeveloped but looks ok. Used currently for adsense revenue and i want to increase its rankings slightly and traffic so it makes more money.

    Pm me your blogs.

    Payment by paypal or bank transfer if you prefer. Payment once content published.
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