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Powerhouse Laptop Recommendations

Discussion in 'General Board' started by Skinner, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Skinner

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    Jul 2008
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    I currently use Dell gear simply for the warranty and support (top end next business day level), and I have an XPS 16in (18 months old) and an Inspiron 15in (30 months old) and they are all a little aged and slowing down. I tend to use the Inspiron more as the XPS is always on at home and the inspiron I take with me.

    Anyway its upgrade time, and I want to get a mobile editing laptop which I can take with me to shoots and events, so I need some serious grunt.

    An apple mac is NOT an option in anyway shape or form :p

    My budget is £3,000ish for this.

    My top runner at the moment is the Dell Alienware M18x, mostly due to the Dual GPUs, 2820QM Process with 8mg Cache, ability for upto 32gb high speed ram, dual hard drives, and a 1080p screen, so ticks all the boxes but the battery lifes on a high-res game can be less than 90 minutes, which means when rendering 1080p video I'll prob get around that too, not a killer but still.

    Next is the Dell Alienware M17x but currently they don't offer Dual Graphics cards.

    Neither the above offer Blu-Ray writers which is a 'would be nice' item at the moment and replacing any drive in an alienware is a joke.

    If it wasn't for the US only based support I would love a Malibal machine like the Nine.

    Anyone got any suggestions for Laptops with

    17in + 1080p Display.
    16gb+ Ram Capability.
    Dual Graphics Cards.
    2820QM or Better Processor.
    Dual Hard-Drives.
    Blu-Ray Writer would be nice.
    UK Based Warranty and Service.

    Currently I'm waiting out for the Dual Cards on the Alienware M17x R3 since the R2 had them, I expect Dell will add them soon.
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