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Premium letters or Big BS ?

Discussion in 'Domain Name News' started by italiandragon, May 17, 2008.

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    I am known for never shutting my mouth even if I have nothing to gain, simply because I hate BS…I hate lies, I simply hate wrong things.

    There is a myth going around from years in the industry: Premium letters.

    Newbies asked me this many times. What is a Premium letter? And what is a non premium letter.

    Some website in the past created this “fable” and lots of sheeps…ehm pardon me “investors” believed that since they believed that some letters were not Premium, they did not buy them so the prices of acronym domains (such as LLL or LLLL) started to decrease.

    The habit grew so much that in a catch 22 or paradox, what that site originally wrote , was starting to become true. Like if I wrote that “pigs fly” in 2003 and all people coming later were believing it, then you`ll hear in 2008 that yes pigs fly and by reading this everywhere, a new domainer may start believing pigs REALLY fly.

    Years later, in 2008, the fable is still going on.

    That`s enough , it`s time to look at REAL DATAS and be smarter than sheeps.

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