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Promotional Staffing Agency for sale (again)

Discussion in 'General Board' started by woopwoop, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Have listed this before and got close to selling but they fell through.

    Basically this is a low risk business with very low overheads. The business has a database of 5500+ staff and offers clients leafleters, demonstrators, models etc. The site is ranked reasonably well and quote requests come in periodically. Profit margins have been between 35-50% in the past.

    I'm now out of the country so it's difficult for me to be proactive at getting clients, but so if you have are a freelancer, based in the UK and wanted a side business (or something to become your main business) then this could work well. You could quote more competitively and convert many more quote requests.

    Services the promotional staff agency provides along with details of previous revenue from clients is available here.

    Please email me with any further questions.

    2 of the most recent quote requests that came through were from the NHS and EasyJet. All of the information regarding previous clients and quote requests will be passed to the new owner and the EasyJet event is still pending so there may be a way for the new owner to quote for them.

    For more info (including the new lower price) please email:

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